Song and Screen, Pt. 4

octopus as guitar

Octopus as guitar is weird and slightly terrifying, but also kind of perfect.

That’s right–yet another edition of Song and Screen for your consideration and (hopefully) entertainment. I am just…addicted to these posts. Partly because they’re easy, but mostly because they’re fun. I do hope you guys aren’t getting sick of them though. If you are, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Hahaha. Anyway, on to business! Continue reading

Duets: Lucy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

apes 1

Time for another couple of mini reviews! As you can see, this Duet is totally dedicated to sci-fi. One of these films I actually saw quite a while back, but I couldn’t muster up the energy for a full review. The other is one I’ve been meaning to see for some time because of all the positive reviews, and I finally got around to it yesterday. The latter was totally worth a trip to the theater—the former, not so much. Continue reading

Cara’s Top 10 Robin Williams Roles

robin williams 1

Gees, guys. The hits just keep on coming, huh? I had initially planned something else for today, but given the news we all received yesterday, I felt like I should do something to pay my respects. After the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman earlier this year, now we have to say goodbye to another one of the greats: Robin Williams. I’m still in shock about this one.  Continue reading

Character Actors Have an Important Message for Hollywood

Hi, guys! After a busy weekend, I decided to give myself a break and just post a fun little video. You will probably recognize a lot of faces here, but you may not know all of their names (at least I didn’t). This is a sort of PSA, if you will, for a few of the character actors we know but don’t really know. And guys…they just wanna be in blockbusters. Kudos to Entertainment Weekly. I thought this was cute.

Premiere Particulars: The Strain

the strain 1

Well whadda ya know—another TV show I’m super late to address! But I was bound and determined to eventually get around to this one because a) it looked super weird and creepy, and b) the response to it has been pretty positive. Sadly, I have not read the book series this is based on, but from what I understand the show actually follows the book pretty well, which is nice to hear. Continue reading

Cara’s Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos

stan lee 4

Hey, guys! Y’know, I’ve done top 10 lists for a few blogs now, yet I’ve only done one for my own (see: this list of my TV crushes), and I find that to be kind of a bummer. So because I had nothing else planned for today and because I’m on a bit of a Marvel high after the awesomeness of Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought it would be fun to write up a list of my favorite Stan Lee cameos. Continue reading


I’ve invaded The IPC for my Shitfest review! If you’re looking for a few giggles about a pretty awful film, go and have a read. However, warning: if you’re easily offended by lots of strong language, you might want to skip this one. I…ahem…don’t really hold back.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

3 days

A fine and pleasant day to you, beautiful readers! Cara from Silver Screen Serenade here to once again destroy all that Eric Isaacs holds sacred while he is trapped in the Pit of Despair celebrate this glorious blogging contest we lovingly refer to as Shitfest. As I’ve done in the past, I’d like to take a minute to warn my sweet, innocent, pure-hearted readers that I will be striking a different tone over here—and by “different tone” I mean I will not hold back should I feel the need to use bad language. If that risks offending you, then turn back! Turn back now!

…Anybody left? Wait, what am I talking about? This is The IPC! There are a whole slew of you just waiting to hear what foul things I have to say. 😉

Before we get down to business, I want to address something important: there’s been some speculation…

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