Premiere Particulars: Extant

extant 1

Wow. Has it really been more than a month since this show premiered? Yikes. Sorry, guys. Slowly but surely, I am watching all the shows I’ve been meaning to watch. So is CBS’s sci-fi thriller Extant worth a catch-up session or two? Well, here are some of the particulars of the premiere.  

extant 2

What I liked:

  • The premise. An astronaut comes back from a solo, 13-month space mission only to find out she’s pregnant? It’s a very interesting and very creepy mystery.
  • All the super cool futuristic stuff. A mirror acts as a computer screen, popping up with the time, weather, and news. A child’s nightlight consists of hundreds of tiny green lights floating through the room. A character gives a presentation with key words and ideas popping up all around him. There are lots of nifty things like this that make the show a visual treat.
  • Halle Berry as astronaut Molly Woods. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about her in the role—Berry is kind of hit or miss for me. But I like her as Molly, and I think she carries the show pretty well.
  • All the mysteries! It’s not just about her pregnancy—it’s about her android son, Mr. Yasumoto (Hiroyuki Sanada), and the reappearance of one of her former colleagues, too. There are several interesting threads, leaving the show a lot of options as to where to go and what to do next.

extant 3

What I didn’t like:

  • Yasumoto, though an intriguing addition to the plot, is a little silly. We meet him after he emerges from some ridiculous…I don’t even know what it is…like some kind of weird spa chamber? It’s silly and kind of random. I’m hoping he gets a little less hammy.
  • There’s a slight strain between Molly and John (Goran Visnjic), but there’s not much time spent explaining that strain. In fact, I didn’t even get the impression that there was trouble in paradise until John says something hinting at that, which made me wonder what’s up. Basically, I just need to see more of their relationship because I’m not getting much of a feel for it yet.
  • Molly and John’s “son,” Ethan (Pierce Gagnon), is severely creepy, and he throws a tantrum making him even creepier. I’m hoping he doesn’t stay the stereotypical creepy sci-fi and/or horror kid because his character could become very interesting.
  • Right now, I just have a lot of random questions. What year is this supposed to be set in? Why would Molly immediately delete important footage before finding out what’s on it? Why the heck would Molly be allowed to go on a solo mission for more than a year? Also, is it legal to spy on someone’s therapy session?? These aren’t deal-breaking questions, but the little things do add up.

The Potential: From what I hear, the reaction has been mostly favorable to this one, and I can understand why. It’s a visually impressive sci-fi thriller with a solid leading lady and enough mystery to keep you hooked. The potential is there, so I think I might try to catch up on this one.

My Grade: B+


19 thoughts on “Premiere Particulars: Extant

  1. Agree with your points overall. I’ve only seen two episodes, but at the minute, it feels like a show that’s not sure what it wants to be. Alien baby story or robot boy story? I’m sure it’ll become clear.

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