Things I’m Geeking About Right Now


Hi, guys! Had a whole plan to post a very belated write-up about a TV premiere, but…well, that kinda fell through. Lol. So instead, I’m going to share with you the abundance of wonderful things that have been coming out of the woodwork ever since Comic-Con ended. Feel free to embrace your inner geek and relish in the awesome with me.

Exhibit A: The first trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Am I a little annoyed that this trailer barely gives any time to Bilbo? Yes. Am I also a little annoyed that they changed the title from “The Hobbit: There and Back Again” to something that obviously suggests much more action? Yes. Am I still going to go see this with all my nerdy enthusiasm? …Yes. I mean, it really does annoy me that Peter Jackson has turned The Hobbit into this sprawling epic because that’s not at all what the book is, which makes the three movies an obvious ploy to squeeze every last dime out of Tolkien’s material. But you can see me bitch about that in my review of The Desolation of Smaug. For now, just enjoy how friggin’ cool the trailer makes this movie look.

Exhibit B: A new teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

I’m still a little annoyed that Mockingjay is being split into two films (I totally think they could do what they need to with one film), but given how awesome Catching Fire was, I’m kind of excited about this. There have been a couple of other teasers (see here and here) for this, but this is the first real taste we get of the film as a whole. Like many Hunger Games readers, I didn’t love the way the series ended, so we’ll see if the upcoming films handle things.

Exhibit C: The first look at Wonder Woman

wonder womanI

I’m still a little uncertain about the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but I will readily admit that she is looking pretty fierce here. I’m digging the costume…even though, you know, the skirt could stand to be a little bit longer…but if we get a decent female superhero out of this, then I’ll take it as a baby step. Maybe we can give a longer skirt to the next version of Wonder Woman. Or even…pants?! Maybe that’s getting carried away. (Sidenote: Have you seen these drawings of fully-clothed superheroines? I love it.)

Exhibit D: An awesome trailer for season 3 of Arrow

Arrow has become one of my favorite TV shows for good reason. It’s just…awesome. And it gets more awesome with every episode. I simply can’t wait for this season. I mean, Black Canary returns? Roy dons a costume? R’as al Ghul??? Excuse me, I have to go recover from geek overload.

Exhibit E: A trailer for Horns

Having read and quite liked the book that this film is based on, I’m very interested in seeing how the story is handled. It’s a grim, twisted tale by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) chock-full of dark humor and weirdness. But it’s just so interesting. You can read Zoë’s review of the book for more details. I will say this: Daniel Radcliffe can rock some horns.

Exhibit F: All the Comic-Con stuff that will HOPEFULLY be shown to the rest of us soon

avengers age of ultron

A long clip of Avengers: Age of Ultron, a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser, a new trailer for Interstellar…MY GOD WHY DIDN’T I GO TO COMIC-CON???

Exhibit G-J: All of these Guardians of the Galaxy clips

I’m seeing this tomorrow night…

…and these clips…

…are getting me SO PUMPED!!

Anyway, so these are a few of the things I’m geeking over. Hope you enjoyed. Happy Hump Day! 🙂

46 thoughts on “Things I’m Geeking About Right Now

  1. I’ll be checking out Guardians on Friday with some peeps! Finally a superhero movie I don’t have to go to by myself!!!! Lol

  2. Awesome post Cara, thanks for the link, too! I must say, I am not particularly amped for The Hobbit, though I really want to be 😦 Maybe I will watch this last one in theatre. I watched the first and skipped the last. I was not happy with Pip’s song being used in the trailer like that… small things, I know.

    I am getting SO excited about Horns, watching the trailer the other day I was like YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Radcliffe is SO much better than he ever got to be in Potter (bad choice there buddy – sorry).

    On a side note: love the heroines in full clothes, it is awesome!

    Hopefully Mockingjay isn’t stuffed chock full of filler crap because the book was the same length as the other two and they worked perfectly in the amount of time they were given. I have high hopes for it though, the last two were extremely impressive!

    • I’ll go see The Hobbit regardless…but yeah. Shame that they’ve taken the focus so far from Bilbo. I actually thought the use of Pip’s song was kind of cool. Maybe just because it reminded me of a much more awesome trilogy…sigh. :/

      Awww I love Radcliffe in HP! But, yes, I know how you feel about that. Bahaha. I hope Horns is awesome!!

      Right?? I LOVE those drawings! Why can’t more movies and/or comic book artists we inspired by stuff like this??

      Yeah fingers crossed for Mockingjay! They’ve done a great job with the films so far. Here’s hoping they can keep it up!!

      • Definitely the more awesome trilogy. I loved that song and that scene, so I was not happy to see it copied and pasted over something else hahahaha.

        Well, you know then 😉 I am hoping it will be great, though the teaser and this trailer both look like it’s going to rock. Fringers crossed!

        Pfffff, cause sex sells?

        I hope so, because it will make for an impressive set of movies when all concludes at least!

  3. I’m still buying Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Do you see how skinny she is in that costume? Omg she looks horrible.

    I actually don’t think I’m going to see any of these movies until they release on blu ray or Netflix. Well… Mockinjay can just burn, but all the other movies are Netflix worthy.

  4. Great post!
    Th Hobbit trailer is friggin cool.
    Wonder Woman?! Pah, that’s not WW – a Xena-lookalike more like!
    GotG: Clip 3 is funny; clip 4 is LAME. I hope th film is a blast (won’t b seeing it until Sunday)
    Keep up th groot (sorry, good) work!

    • HA! I see what you groot there. Er–DID there. 😉 Yeah The Hobbit LOOKS cool…but I have the worst feeling that it’s going to disappoint me like the last one did. :/ We’ll see. I do think WW looks kinda cool, but she’s gonna need to pump some more iron before I buy her as a kickass Amazon. We shall see. Seeing GotG tonight and I think it’s gonna rock!! 😀

  5. I also wish Hollywood wouldn’t divide single books into multiple films, because sometimes the story ends up being stretched too thin. But then again, I always end up watching most of the movies anyway, so I guess the strategy works. 😉

    • Haha exactly. It’s not the best for the stories, but it’s a great way to make money. The Hobbit bothers me more than most though because it’s one of my all-time favorite books. But, yeah, I’ll see the next one anyway… :/

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