Blogiversary Bash: A Double (Oh Seven) Celebration of Bond–James Bond

Party pup partied like a rock star. Now it's time to nap.

Party pup partied like a rock star. Now it’s time to nap.

This is it! The LAST Blogiversary Bash post! Well, for this year, anyway. Because I have enjoyed it so much, I’m sure this is a series I will be reviving come my two-year blogiversary. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve talked about some of the best of the best in my DVD/Blu-ray library–The Princess Bride, The Avengers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Up, and On the Waterfront. So what the heck is left?! Well…plenty. Lol. But for this last blogiversary post, I wanted to highlight two films from the beloved 007 franchise: Casino Royale and Skyfall (I’m ignoring Quantum of Solace because I don’t love it, and you can read about why here). Now before I proceed, I do have a bit of a shameful confession to make: I have only seen the Daniel Craig Bond films. I know, I know–I’m a wretched human being. But hopefully I can earn your forgiveness with a hearty celebration of these two films I love so much. So let’s do this!

The Awesomeness of Casino Royale:

#1: This epic black-and-white opening, which immediately establishes Craig as a badass.

#2: The sequence for the opening credits, which mesmerizes me (plus I dig the song so much that I bought it on iTunes).

#3: Daniel Craig is PERFECT. He has been referred to as the best Bond yet for good reason.

bond 1

Those EYES!

bond 2

That BODY!

bond 3


#4: This was my introduction to Mads Mikkelsen, and he is an awesome villain. I mean, Le Chiffre WEEPS BLOOD. Menacing to the max.

Eeeeek Le Chiffre you scary!

Eeeeek Le Chiffre you scary!


#6: I don’t care what any of the Bond purists who have qualms with M’s gender say– having sass master Judi Dench in the role is a MASSIVE WIN.

#7: Eva Green as Vesper is just fantastic. She and Craig have perfect chemistry, and I LOVE their first scene on the train.


bond 5

#9: Jeffrey Wright has a very small role in this, but I just love him as CIA agent Felix Leiter. “Does it look like we need the money?”

#10: The poisoning scene. It’s easily the most nerve-wracking moment in the film, and it’s handled brilliantly. And at the end, after being poisoned and going into cardiac arrest, Bond asks if VESPER is okay. MY GOD HE’S PERFECT.

#11: Okay, this is super cringeworthy for guys…but you have to admit that the torture scene is genius. So simple yet so horrifying. Ouch.


#13: And, of course, that last scene, which sets up for the sequel perfectly.

So Quantum of Solace comes out a few years later and it’s blah blah whatever boring stuff and THEN…


#1: So that opening chase is pretty epic. The most epic part? JUMPING FROM A BULLDOZER ONTO A DAMN TRAIN AND ADJUSTING YOUR SUIT LIKE NO BIG DEAL.

Whatever. Happens all the time.

Whatever. Happens all the time.

#2: Bond is shot (gasp!) and sinks underwater, which directly leads to the most amazing opening credits sequence I have ever seen.

#3: The addition of Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory. After seeing him in Grand Budapest Hotel, I am convinced this man can do no wrong.

bond 8

#4: Tough, sassy Eve, played by Naomie Harris. I think she and Bond have a great rapport, and I’m really hoping we get to see more of that in the next film.

"I feel like now that I accidentally shot you, we've grown closer, you know?"

“I feel like we’ve grown closer since that time I accidentally shot you, you know?”

#5: BOND MEETS Q. I love Ben Whishaw in this role, and I cannot WAIT to see more of him.

#6: Javier Bardem as villainous Silva. Not only is he eccentric and super duper crazy, but he makes you (and Bond) very uncomfortable. Case and point: the below scene.

#7: And as long as we’re on Silva, can we talk about his reunion with M? Creeeeeeeepy.

#8: And M! She gets some great moments in this, but one of her best by far is her speech to the Prime Minister. Homegirl knows what’s up.

#9: I LOVE that this film explores Bond’s past a bit. And I love the inclusion of Skyfall, the home Bond grew up in. A pretty cool old house, no?

bond 11

#10: That final, tense moment between M and Silva–all lit by fire and dramatic. Yes.

#11: THIS MOMENT. UGH. THIS MOMENT WHICH IS PERFECT AND TERRIBLE. Bond and M really develop a sort of mother-son relationship during their time together, and it’s so sad to see that end.

#12: Let me just say in general that I adore the retro vibe this film has. Like bringing back an old car…

bond 12

And referencing old tricks…

bond 13

And this last scene, which is all kinds of retro with its characters and setting and general vibe:

So basically what I’m trying to say with all of this is BRING ON BOND 24!!! 🙂

Phew! That’s it! We’re done! Blogiversary Bash is officially complete! I sure hope you guys had as much fun as I did. Thank you all for partying with me! Please take a party favor on your way ou–What? Miguel, what happened to all those nice bottles of wine I was going to hand out?! …You drank them? All of them?! Jesus. We really need to get you into rehab, dude. Um. Sorry about the party favors, people. Next time I’ll find a better hiding place…

36 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: A Double (Oh Seven) Celebration of Bond–James Bond

  1. Cara –

    I’ve never seen ANY of these movies….. I tried watching Skyfall and I didn’t like it….

    I’m the dummy 😦

  2. Great post, Cara! Don’t feel bad – I’ve mainly only seen the Daniel Craig Bond films too – don’t think I’ve even seen a Sean Connery one. I thought Skyfall was a great film! And that’s from someone who’s not a Bond fan at all. I wonder why all the hate… :-/

  3. I LOVE this tribute! Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond EVER, and these movies were great. Skyfall has THE BEST INTRO of all the Bond films, just sucking you right in. Stunning.

    Whishaw is also great, embodying a modern Q, someone we can understand more. Javier Bardem was one of the best Bond villains in years, and who can overlook Mikkelsen in Casino Royale?

    Oki I am going to shut up now. I can go on at length…

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