After Ever After

Heyyyyy, guys. So, remember that final Blogiversary Bash post I promised you yesterday? Um. It’s not ready. Heh. Sorry about that. It may or may not be ready on Sunday either…we’ll see. I kind of got caught up in a True Detective marathon, which I really feel like any reasonably sane person can’t blame me for. Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I was roaming YouTube for random silliness I could put up and lo and behold–I rediscovered “After Ever After.” Are you guys familiar with this? A very talented, very hilarious YouTuber who refers to himself as “Paint” has done two of these now (you can see the second one here). Basically, they’re his very grim imaginings of what might have happened after the end of several classic animated Disney films set to the music of the songs from those films. Warning: if Disney holds a special, sacred place in your heart, this may horrify you…but you have to admit it’s funny.

6 thoughts on “After Ever After

  1. I hold you accountable for not providing the post your claimed to be providing, Cara. Shame.

    Shame upon you.


    This video’s really good, though.

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