Blogiversary Bash: Hard Ticket to Home Video

I simply HAD to do this for Brian. Party Shakma grins and bears it. Afterward, many doors were destroyed.

I simply HAD to do this for Brian. Party Shakma grins and bears it. Afterward, many doors were destroyed.

TGIF, mis amigos! Can you believe this is the last guest post for Blogiversary Bash?! Man, time does fly. I’m still posting one last thing from yours truly to wrap it all up tomorrow, but I’m thrilled that Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video is here to wind up the guest posts. Odds are you already follow HTTHV, but my God if you don’t then change that today. Brian and his buddy Brad are hilarious. I laugh at their reviews, their Photoshopped Philms, their weekly R.O.T.O.R.’S R.O.U.N.D.U.P. , and so much more. Go check them out! Anyway, Brian is taking his celebrating in a musical direction, which is pretty appropriate given the name of this blog. I will leave you in his capable hands. But careful though–he might pinch.


I’m an editor for a living, and as such my job requires a lot of concentration so I don’t miss any misteaks. I’m one of those people who hate silence and need to have some kind of auditory stimulation going on to help me focus. I could listen to Mozart or Beethoven while I work, but they can go straight to hell. Give me John Williams and his ilk anytime. Listening to a score helps me concentrate, and if it’s from a movie I love it also relaxes me and makes me happier, which I can’t get at home. “But Brian,” you say. “What are your favorite movie scores to listen to at work, and why are you staring at me through my living room window?” The answers may shock you:



E.T. is the first movie I remember seeing at the theater, and I remember being very excited about this bold new era of talking pictures. E.T.’s score is all at once wondrous and calming to me, much like E.T. himself.

Ideal working situation: You’re working on something and you have no idea what to make of it, but it makes you cry when it’s done. You’re also eating a ton of Reese’s Pieces.



Might seem an odd choice for work music, but it seems to help me focus, like Michael focuses on meticulously stalking a babysitter.

Ideal working situation: You’re seconds away from being fired if you don’t finish what you’re doing. Helps if it’s October.


Star Trek (2009)

“When life turns you into a redshirt, become Spock.” Sage advice that I just made up, and I have no idea what it means. I’m not a huge Star Trek fan, I like it just fine I guess, but I think Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot is epically spacey, which I also don’t know what that means.

Ideal working conditions: Exploring new ideas while trying not to think about naked green chicks.


Back to the Future

My favorite movie theme ever, it never ceases to get my flux capacitor fluxing. When this list was in number order, it was number one, but I went back and changed it, and I think everything has worked out better.

Ideal working situation: Realizing everything you’ve done is a mess and trying to correct it, which is about as fun as making out with your mother.


Jurassic Park

In my opinion, this is the end-all, be-all of movie scores, splurted out of the magic wand of John Williams. All at once intensely engaging and soothing. Especially excellent music for lab-bound paleontologists and computer hackers.

Ideal working situation: Constantly bewildered by what you’re looking at. It’s both exciting and frightening, and could destroy you without warning.


LOVE this. If I could listen to music on the job, I would totally listen to all of these. Thanks so much, Brian! Also, thank you to ALL of my guest bloggers! Seriously, you guys rock. All of you clearly put a lot of thought into your posts, and I think each and every one of them turned out splendidly. So much creativity! So many lols! So much friggin’ FUN! In order of appearance, hats off to:

You guys are the coolest people ever, and I have no idea how to top  this series. If you’ve got ideas, I’m all ears! Haha. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ALL! I’ll put up my last Blogiversary post tomorrow, when we shall bid adieu to quite possibly my favorite series so far. *sniffle* See you then!

27 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: Hard Ticket to Home Video

  1. I would imagine making out with your mother is not fun?

    . . .I’m from the south. I don’t understand the joke. ?

  2. This was a lot of fun Cara, I agree how crazy it is how fast time flies. I thought this had only begun a little while back. Then again, I guess it did! This year is already more than half over, can you believe it???

  3. I’ve been loving your Blogiversary Cara, sorry I couldn’t take part, been stupidly busy with less important stuff. I’ll make a special effort to do your next one.

    Also the new Star Trek soundtrack is excellently spacy

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