Blogiversary Bash: THE IPC

When Mistress Cara first announced that she would:

  • Let me out of the cellar
  • Let me consume human food again
  • Let me bathe
  • Host a blogathon about our favorite things

I was all about it. But then I sat in my corner like the good boy that I am, wearing my “Be Good Son” paper sack on my head thinking about it and it dawned on me that I’ve probably already written about my favorite movies on my own site so what could I do? Occasionally The Lash inspires me a muse will come to me and she did this time and I thought – how about I talk about ten of my favorite movie quotes…. not necessarily my “Top Ten” but some of the lines I use in every day life. Regularly.  When I sneak out of my cellar and mingle among the People of the Greasy Underworld.

#NowPresenting: ten of my favorite lines to use from movies and how to use them PROPERLY. Presented in accordance with my co-host and colleague (and professional work pooper) 

Raising Arizona: “You ate SAND??”

Night of the Creeps: “What’d it do? Have a date??”

Big Trouble in Little China: “Look! I’m a very reasonable guy but I’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things.” (This one has an F bomb – be careful)

European Vacation: “I think he’s gonna pork her.”

Escape From New York: “I heard you were dead.”

Night of the Creeps: “Thrill me.”

Return of the Living Dead: “MAN, my arms are dead!!”

KISS Meet the Phantom of the Park: “You’re looking for someone, and it’s not KISS…”

Night of the Creeps: “Well don’t go out THERE!!”

(This one is new) X-Men: Days of Future Past: “You gonna pick up that shit?”

and a +1, just because! Return of the Living Dead: “STUPID HONKY!!”

There you go! I hope you ha- What???


It understands.

It complies with It’s instructions.

It does not deviate from The Order.

It returns to It’s Cellar.

P.S. To end on a happy note, I would like to share with you one of my favorite comic strips of all time, courtesy of


50 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: THE IPC

    • Very well done, my loyal cellar occupant. You’ve been a good boy. Tonight, I shall throw candies down the stairs for you. But what’s this I hear about you mingling with the outside world?! I specifically told Miguel not to let you do that. It’s as much for your safety as it is for theirs…

      …Okay, it’s mostly for their safety.

      #probes #mostunclean

  1. My Dearest PSC,

    I loved this (well, the ones you authorised me to listen to in my country). Anyhow, in the Thrill Me one? You sound JUST like Walter White!!! Insane!! This was really awesome ❤



      • My Dear PSC,

        Yeah, like two or three said that you had blocked them or not given them access in my country as of yet ;( ;( CRY CRY CRY.

        Damn straight!!!!!!



        • Dearest JB,

          That’s just weird. No – nothing should be blocked or anything – they are all free to the public. Sort that out!!!




        • My Dearest Sinner Spock Chop,

          Maybe I should try these at home as well and see what happens there. Oh well. I will keep you posted!



  2. heheh.

    I really can’t decide which of these I like the most. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the “I heard you were dead” bit, did I hear a bit of a chuckle at the very end?? lol.

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