Question of the Month – Great Actor, Terrible Role

Boom! Double post day! I couldn’t resist sharing yet another epic edition of Oracle of Film’s Question of the Month! This month’s topic: great actors who once (or twice…or a few times) played a role terribly. Oh, and that’s followed by an important question about Eva Green that made the boys very happy. Do have a read.

Oracle of Film

And we’re back. Like the Expendables, but with about three muscles between us. This month’s question was a particularly tricky one to tackle, so thank you all for taking so much time into coming up with some great answers. Kieron, in particular, got his answer in, despite this PC issues, which was greatly appreciated. He had to use his girlfriend’s laptop and we all know that asking a favour from a girlfriend is essentially the same as handing over your debit card details for the rest of the month. Kieron, your sacrifice will go down in blogging history. The offending question was for each blogger to come up with an actor they loved, preferable their all-time favourite, but then to discuss a bad performance. The answers have been thoughtful and fun. I love that a handful of actors get mentioned twice. One actor gets called up on the same bad…

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