Blogiversary Bash: Cinema Parrot Disco

Sorry, Mutant--couldn't find a party parrot. But party owl seemed very festive.

Sorry, Mutant–couldn’t find a party parrot. But party owl seemed very festive.

Happy Monday, kiddos! Why is it happy, you may ask? Because I simply CANNOT think of a better way to start out the week than with this list from the ridiculously cool Table 9 Mutant. I’m quite certain you are all familiar with T9M’s site, Cinema Parrot Disco, but on the off chance that you are not and/or you need a refresher course on her awesomeness, her claims to fame include many excellent film reviews, a thorough and epic John Hughes blogathon, a hardcore dedication to watching all of IMDb’s Top 250 films, and so much more. It’s only natural that she would come up with such a fantastic idea. Without further ado, here’s what T9M decided to write about for the Blogiversary Bash.



I was struggling to think of something to do for Cara’s blogiversary. Write about a favorite movie? I tried that for a while with my CPD Classics thing but haven’t done any lately as I was finding it too difficult. How could I ever write about something as awesome as The Princess Bride or Aliens?! Or Star Wars! Then I decided I could do a Star Wars Top Ten.

It’s become obvious, especially since the prequels, that George Lucas has a thing for chopping off characters’ limbs (what’s up with that??). So here are My Top Ten Star Wars Dismemberments. I’ve had to include the prequels as there are sooo many in those but my real love is for the Original Trilogy, which is why those are all at the top of the list. Needless to say – MASSIVE SPOILERS!

10. Anakin’s arm (by Count Dooku)


Nice. But the thing I really wish they had cut was Hayden Christensen from the prequels…

9. Mace Windu’s hand (by Anakin)

“Did you just cut off my motherfucking hand you motherfucker?!”

8. Count Dooku’s hands & head (by Anakin)


Ohhh – quite vicious! These prequels were far less family friendly than the Original Trilogy!

7. Jango Fett’s head (by Mace Windu)


Does this count as a “member?” Anyway – it’s cool how it goes rolling… (Rolling! Rolling on the river!)

6. Anakin’s arm & legs (by Obi-Wan)


Bloody hell! A bit excessive…

5. Wampa’s arm (by Luke)


This was pretty cool. And maybe a bit of foreshadowing?? Hmm… (That Wampa plush is adorable! WANT! Someone buy that for me HERE!) 😉

4. All of C-3PO’s extremities (by Stormtrooper)


Gotta love that annoying gold pain in the ass. I remember I had the figure and you could take him apart & put him in a bag for Chewbacca to carry him around on his back. I loved my Star Wars figures but I let my cousin borrow them & I never got them back!!! *sigh* 😦 (Yes – I am a girl. All you other girls had Star Wars figures, right? RIGHT??)

3. Darth Vader’s  hand (by Luke)


What a freaking awesome battle. And it of course comes full circle with the whole hand thing after what happened in The Empire Strikes Back. Oh, and even more so if you think about the prequels. Which I don’t, really. (Btw- I’d like this on record for all future generations of children: the correct order in which to watch these is STILL and always will be IV, V, VI then wait a few years and let the kids see I, II, III when you can no longer avoid it because they’ve heard from their friends at school that there are actually more Star Wars movies)

2. Luke’s hand (by Darth Vader)


I remember going to this in theaters (yes, I’m old). But I was still a bit young (no, I won’t say the exact age!) 😉 But seeing Luke’s hand get chopped off was very disturbing to me at the time. I remember being SO happy that it was sci-fi and he was able to get a nice new robotic hand at the end. Man, what a downer of an ending! I can appreciate it much more now that I’m (sooooo) old,  though.

1. Ponda Baba’s arm (by Obi-Wan)


The one that started it all! And it was pretty gruesome, too. Poor Panda Baba – he just wanted to have a nice quiet drink in the Cantina but then Obi-Wan had to come along & chop his arm off.

(Okay – this one made a similar list I did on my blog once & I posted this video with it. I have to share it again – the Star Wars Robot Chicken stuff cracks me the hell up!)

Ponda Baba’s Bad Day:

And finally….

The Worst Star Wars Amputations:

George Lucas changing the original trilogy by amputating:

– The AWESOME (I don’t care what anyone says – it was awesome and was replaced by SHIT) Ewok celebration song, bringing the original trilogy to an uplifting end.

– Sebastian Shaw as Darth Vader at the very end of Return Of The Jedi. Damn you, George Lucas! Damn you AND Hayden Christensen!

– Han shooting first.

Thank you for letting me join in on this, Cara! Happy Blogiversary! 🙂


Thanks YOU soooooo much, Mutant!! Freaking LOVE this idea. 😀 I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: you guys have been coming up with the BEST STUFF for this series!! It’s going to be tricky as hell to top this blogiversary. Anyway, see ya tomorrow for more amazingness!!

30 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: Cinema Parrot Disco


    10) Who is Cinema Parrot Disco????
    9) What is this “Star Wars” business???
    8) What is a “C3PO”???
    7) My initial thought was that you were talking about Star Wars “members”…
    6) Because you’re a perv.
    5) #perv
    4) #MembersOnly
    3) FSAL
    2) Nightstand
    1) Sadness Blouse

    • 10) Wouldn’t you all love to know ; )
      9) That thing that’s better than Star Trek
      8) A friend to R2-D2
      7) You WOULD think that. #perv
      6) You are
      5) Yes, you are
      4) Of the Perv Club?
      3) ACAP
      2) You’re definitely a serial killer
      1) Poor Tom – he’ll regret joining up for Twitter ; )

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  3. The comment for #5 is amazing hahahaha.

    And fuck, I forgot how graphic Anakin goes down. Arms CHOPPED, legs CHOPPED. . .he’s basically one giant (to use a Zoe word) CHOP!!! 😀 😀

  4. what am amazing list Mutant! Nicely done my friend!

    I love how you love SW so much. I also had tons of figures and lots of them were stolen…eh borrowed and not returned.

    I agree also on the order to watch even though I also enjoyed the prequel trilogies.

    I looooooved the Ewok song, I was also disappointed by that change b/c they are basically saying that once the emperor died, everyone (including those on Coruscant) were soo happy that they tore down his statue. The books show how the empire lost power and control, but slowly, not in one sweep of death for the emperor.

    (damn, now I got the song in my head) 🙂

    Also, when I saw that you put Panda Baba at #1, my first thought was I was gonna send you the Robot chicken clip….great minds 🙂

    • Thanks Rob! I’ll always love Star Wars. : ) And I’ll always be annoyed I never got those figures back… Lol. Glad someone else loves the Ewok song! And Robot Chicken. : )

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