Blogiversary Bash: A Patriotic Tribute with Drop Dead Gorgeous

Patriotic pug FTW

Patriotic pug FTW

Good day, beloved readers, and a very happy Fourth of July to you! Yes, non-American peeps, bear with me–I am partly here to celebrate my country and its 200+ years of existence, but given that I’m doing that while also celebrating one of my very favorite comedies, I feel you won’t want to punch me by the end of this post. At least, I hope. Anyway, I had always thought of this comedy as kind of obscure, but when I mentioned it in this post about Fargo, several folks piped up about it. So maybe it’s not as obscure as I thought! Whatever the case, I am here for this: to celebrate what is awesome about America via quotes and scenes from the film Drop Dead Gorgeous. So let’s do this.

*NOTE: Not all of this is meant to be taken seriously. In fact, most of it isn’t.


#1: America–where a former Batman star is willing to do this for comedic gold:

#2: America–where we respect the elderly…for the most part.

#3: America–where you can drink grape Kool-Aid for all occasions.

#4: America–where we respect and assist those who are physically impaired.

Iris: (as Gladys parks in a handicapped spot) It's a $200 fine! Gladys: I told

Iris: (as Gladys parks in a handicapped spot) It’s a $200 fine!
Gladys: I told ya I would move the car if a cripple came.

#5: America–where high school students are very dedicated to their mascots…even the really dumb mascots.



#6: America–where we can establish organizations like the Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club.

ddg 3

“My mom gave me this 9 mil for my birthday. Yeah. I’ll always remember what she wrote in the card: ‘Jesus loves winners.’ That’s why no matter what I do, I aim to win.”

#7: America–where we can chase our dreams…no matter what they are…

“I just fell in love with the Big Apple last summer when I was visiting my brother Peter there. He followed his dream all the way to New York.”

ddg 4

#8: America–where we’re willing to sacrifice everything in times of great need.

#9: America–where we embrace all cultures and languages.

#10: America–where we have the best commercials.

#11: America–where we’re cool with little white lies.

ddg 5

#12: America–where we keep our humor sophisticated and high-brow.

ddg 6

#13: America–where grammar is important.

#14: America–where we party hard.

"Well, I sat down to have a beer, and kablooie! Next thing I know, something blows through my kitchen window and I'm ass up in somebody's flower bed."

“Well, I sat down to have a beer, and kablooie! Next thing I know, something blows through my kitchen window and I’m ass up in somebody’s flower bed.”

#15: America–where we appreciate the hard work of hospital employees.

#16: America–where we solve our disputes with words.

ddg 8

#17: America–where we handle interviews with great poise and tact.

#18: America–where we celebrate all of this:

#19: America–where lip syncing is an honorable pursuit. 

#20: America–where Jesus loves us and we love him.

#21: America–where we have the best, wittiest comebacks.

ddg 9 ddg 10 ddg 11

#22: America–where we have the most eloquent metaphors.

ddg 12

#23: And last but not least…America–where sometimes really crazy stuff happens.




I could go on and on about this movie, but I’ll resist the urge. Actually, I found it hard to find a lot of the pics/clips I wanted to use. C’mon, internet! Step yo game up! Whatever. If you guys haven’t seen this one, check it out so you can see all the hilarious stuff I didn’t include. Also, this series has been churning out a great deal of awesomeness, so if you think you might’ve missed something, definitely check out the Blogiversary Bash Archives to catch up. My fellow Americans, I hope your day is filled with delicious cookout food and spectacular fireworks. As for everybody else, go enjoy your Friday. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: A Patriotic Tribute with Drop Dead Gorgeous

    • Bahaha that does not surprise me. Y’know, Lucy might’ve been the one who introduced me to DDG–I can’t remember. Hope you had a happy 4th, too, Amy! 🙂

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