Blogiversary Bash: Tim’s Film Reviews


And the Blogiversary Bash goes on! We’ve got ourselves a pretty awesome rager here, my friends. Joining the party today is Tim the Film Guy from Tim’s Film Reviews! You guys have probably been over to Tim’s blog (and if you haven’t, CHANGE THAT), but he’s got a lot of quality stuff over there. I’m a huge fan of the way he breaks down and rates every aspect of a film in his reviews (see the end of this write-up if you don’t understand what I’m talking about). Anyway, Tim is here to review a wonderful ’90s creature feature that I, too, love. I have a feeling a lot of you guys might love it as well. Tim, take it away!


Tremors (1990) Review

Tremors is the type of film that I think people would look at the trailer and go nah, but if you watch the film then it will grow on you fast with its humour, fun and quirky characters. This is another film that contains a group of people trapped in a place away from society and something is going to get them, you just can’t beat that setting for a monster film. The film is massively into honouring the low budget 1950’s monster films and any film that does this gets me as a fan. The story is smooth and plays out so organically compared to most monster flicks, and the monsters themselves are really unique in the way they look and even the way they kill. You don’t get many unique monsters anymore which I think is really sad, however you do get a few though and I always like to use this film to compare how original they really are. The characters in the film might be my favourite part, after all I am a believer in connecting with the characters you are watching on film, and it’s hard to beat that first scene in which you get to know the two main characters.

Val: “You will have… long blonde hair, big green eyes, world class breasts, ass that won’t quit, and legs… that go ALL THE WAY UP!”


To start off let’s talk about the acting. I really liked the acting it was surprisingly good and easily one of my favourite Kevin Bacon films (Hollow man, First Class). The entire cast did a great job though in this film with Fred Ward as Earl and Michael Gross as Burt (Guy with the guns) “Broke into the wrong god damn rec room didn’t ya!” All of the characters built into this film get their own time and you get to know them, you don’t normally get this level of unique characters that are so well rounded in a B movie. My favourite of the cast would have to be Kevin Bacon’s Valentine character because of the sheer amount of lines that seem to be perfect for every scene, e.g. “We decided to leave town just one damn day too late!” The part that really got me hooked was the first five minutes where you get to know Earl and Val, “Stampede!”


Now onto the story, I liked the basic layout of the story because it’s real simple, Small town in the middle of nowhere people trapped and they can’t even trust the ground they stand on. This basic story sets up isolation from help and requires the town’s people to work together as a community to save the town from the Graboids. If you can’t trust the ground beneath your feet where is safe? Something I didn’t expect from this was a love story that was not only pretty good but also worked with the main story and didn’t get shoved in our face. The music in this film is very good as well as it can go from fun wild west to horror scene, it at times did sound like Jurassic Park this happened normally when setting the tone for example the time they found the dead construction workers and the music was shocking/thrilling.


So let’s talk about something more fun like the visuals. The Visual Effects in this film were really good and because it was a low budget film and there weren’t many CGI soaked smaller films the Graboids had to be made and controlled via puppetry which looked pretty good and was choreographed really well. My favourite scene using these visuals would have to be when the Graboid breaks into Burt’s rec room and they shoot at it with all the guns on the wall. I love that scene where they find the car buried in the ground and they freak out; it’s the question of what could have buried a whole car in the ground. The camera angles in this film are really good as well, specifically the point of view from the Graboids as they hunt, it doesn’t really make sense because they are subterranean but I still like seeing through the hunters eyes. You know what I found funny watching this film, whenever they said about the Graboids smell I actually imagine what that smell is like even though they never specifically describe it, I only noticed I made up this idea of a smell after a couple of views of the film. I think this proves the impact the film can have when viewing (or I am just weird).


Anyway I’ve watched this film a billion times and plan of watching it a billion more times.

Tim’s Film Reviews Recommended.

Story: 85%       Acting: 85%      Visuals: 90%      Dialogue: 95%

Scares/Thrill/Fun: 100%      Style/Sound: 100%      Characters: 95%

Total: 92%


Here’s a good trailer:


Thanks so much, Tim! I really do love this one. 🙂 More epicness to come from this blogging party, so stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: Tim’s Film Reviews

  1. An Über-classic in my book Tim. What a sound review, and a solid choice for Blogiversary.

    Damn it, sorry Cara, mine is coming still, I promise!!1 🙂 🙂

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