Doctor Who Teaser Trailer #2

Hiya, folks! I’d hoped to have a new write-up for you guys today, but since I didn’t quite get that written in time…How about a new teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who?? Haha. A bit more revealed here. Clearly, the 12th (13th?) Doctor is going to be a very different fella from his previous incarnation. I get the impression that Peter Capaldi will be much more intense than Matt Smith–hopefully just as wonderful, too! We shall see. Also, we have a release date: August 23rd! Oh, and guess who officially has access to BBC America? THIS GIRL. I can’t wait. 😀

12 thoughts on “Doctor Who Teaser Trailer #2

    • Yeah I’ve heard you say before you haven’t cared for it lately. I actually like the last few seasons pretty well, but I do think some episodes are much stronger than others. We’ll see what happens…

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