Premiere Particulars: True Blood

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And so it begins—the final season of True Blood, a staple of HBO since 2008. It’s a little weird to think of the network without its bloody, sexy vampire drama, but let’s be real—it is high time for this show to end. In fact, I’ve been thinking that for the past three seasons. The first three seasons were fun and interesting and unique. The last three seasons…not so much. Things have gotten downright silly, certain characters have become super frustrating, and some of the story threads have been a complete waste of time.  I’m crossing my fingers that the show will end on a high note, but after watching the premiere episode, I’m not so sure….Anyway, here are the particulars.

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What I liked:

  • Handsome werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is just…perfect. I may have already expressed that on my list of TV crushes, but I will gladly point it out again.
  • Nelsan Ellis continues to shine as sassy cook Lafayette. Seriously, he IS that character. I think he’s one of the best casting choices on the show. Fun fact: in the book series the show is based on, Lafayette’s role is much, much, MUCH smaller. Thank God that was changed for True Blood. And speaking of Lafayette…
  • Lafayette has a nice, genuine moment with Jessica’s new flame, James (Nathan Parsons). It’s a refreshing pause between all the craziness of the episode. I think these two are going to have nice chemistry—and maybe something more? That’s me speculating, but it would cause some interesting drama with Jessica…we’ll see.
  • Good ol’ Andy (Chris Bauer) has a really awesome moment in this episode where he totally saves another character’s skin. It’s funny—at first, I didn’t really care about Andy one way or the other. But with each passing season, I have grown more and more fond of him. In fact, Andy pretty much wins this episode.

true blood 2

What I didn’t like:

  • I had way too many moments in this episode when I thought, “Why? Just…why?” Several characters (i.e. Sookie, Jason, etc.) make straight up stupid decisions, and that is beyond frustrating. After six seasons, you’d expect them to be a little smarter. But nope.
  • This has bothered me for a while: the show completely lacks subtlety. If they wanna flash boob, they flash boob. If they wanna drop an f-bomb, they drop an f-bomb. Whether or not boob and/or f-bomb actually fit into the scene is irrelevant. It’s like the creators are trying way too hard to say, “We’re a grown-up show,” but this sometimes backfires on them, making the show actually appear very immature and sloppy.
  • I did not love Anna Paquin in this episode. It’s weird—sometimes I really enjoy her as Sookie (like that episode when she got hilariously drunk and sang her own version of the Piña Colada song). Other times, I find her very…meh. I cringed at the delivery of many of her lines in this one—particularly her speech at the end (which I also thought was poorly written).
  • Sorry, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) lovers—none of the big, blond, Viking vampire in this episode. 😦 I can almost hear the cries of fangirl outrage. Oh, wait—those are my own cries.
  • An important character bites the dust in this episode, and it’s odd because the death is completely toned down. The character is just…gone. I think the writers fumbled big time with this one. I even wonder if there was some kind of dispute and the actor left the show suddenly, leaving the writers to scramble to figure out what to do. Yeah. It’s that poorly handled.

The Potential: This show is going to have to improve leaps and bounds to end on a strong note. There are a few things happening that could maybe be interesting (Pam’s search for Eric, the Lafayette/James chemistry, the father/daughter relationship between Andy and Adilyn, a small group townspeople who have been abducted by vampires, etc.), but, frankly, this is not an impressive start. I’ve stuck with True Blood this long, so I’m sure I’ll see it through to this end…but I may not be happy about that.

My Grade: C-

28 thoughts on “Premiere Particulars: True Blood

  1. I wouldn’t hold up much hope for an epic series finale. The final book in the series (which i got bored with and only finished because I started it and wanted to see it through) was a total flop. It just ended. Period. No grand exits, only epic thing about it was the disappointment it left behind.
    : )

    • Yeah I haven’t heard great things about the book. I read a lot of them–I think I even got up to 10 or 11–but the books just get so…repetitive. Lol. And confusing, since even Harris couldn’t seem to keep everything straight. I found out who Sookie ends up with though. You think the show will stick with that?

      • I haven’t watched the series since the first season so I don’t know what they’ll end up doing. I hope they do end it that way though! I was glad about Sookie and BLEEP. (I won’t spoil it for those who didn’t read the book)
        I don’t like Anna Paquin and her southern accent was super annoying. I’ve spent most of my life in the south (Alabama and Georgia) so I know that accent very well… she managed to make it more annoying than it really is LOL.

        • Hahaha! Yeah Sookie’s accent could maybe use a little work. Sometimes I’m cool with Paquin, sometimes she gets on my nerves. I’d have to see Sookie and BLEEP together to see if I like it…We’ll see what they do I guess. Right now she’s with Alcide, which is kind of fulfilling because I always wanted that in the books. Why didn’t that happen?! Lol.

  2. Teehee. My ex-girlfriend got me into watching a few of the first few episodes of this show but I sharply stopped watching after we split. So. . .sore memories with this one! hahaha.

    All the same, I bid you best of luck in your hopes that this final season goes better! 🙂

    • Bahahaha! Oh, Tom…sorry to dredge up bad feelings, buddy. If it’s any consolation, I probably won’t be mentioning TB again after this! Lol. 😉

  3. My sis loved the first few series, I’ve never been able to get into it. Well argued points as always. Oh and I’m nearly at the end of Hannibal series 2 🙂

    • Eh. Maybe. Like I said, the first three seasons are pretty good, but it kind of tapers off after that. I’m really not sure if you would like it or not…If you give it a try, let me know! Haha.

      • As soon as I get my Netflix back I’ll attempt to watch a whole season. I’ll definitely let you what I think when I do. I feel empty without my Netflix right now :].

  4. Not the best episode ever….. I haven’t seen the second one yet because our internet and tv is out AGAIN but I don’t have super high hopes…

  5. I keep watching this show despite the issues, but boy does it have issues! It’s almost ridiculous at this point. Agree with you Sookie sort of annoyed me and I have never really been a Sookie hater, ps I almost just wrote Snookie. lol And the important character thing (won’t spoil it for anyone) omg that pissed me off beyond belief. That’s the way they said goodbye to a character who has been pivotal since the beginning. Sam Merlott, that character gets odder by the minute, what do you think of him? I like him but I just don’t see the point of him being Mayor. And I am an Eric fan all the way, wtf and did you see episode 2, that beginning scene. OMG! lol My husband was like what the hell is going on with this show now. Sorry for rambling I had to vent my True Blood issues with someone.

    • Bahaha girl you can ramble about this show all you want! It annoys me beyond belief sometimes because it could (and should) be so good, but…meh. LOL Snookie!!! I think the show might be more interesting if Snookie were on it. 😉 Yeah that character’s demise was lame beyond belief. I’m not so sure about Sam…I’m like you–I’m a fan of him, too, but the whole mayor thing is so random. We’ll see what happens with him. Freaking LOVE Eric. Did something crazy happen in episode 2?! I still haven’t seen it yet! It has Eric?! AHHHHHH!!!

      • Oh no! Sorry I mentioned him! You’ll see once you watch it which I am sure you will soon. Yes we will see what happens with the show and I know despite us being annoyed, we keep watching. 🙂 #addictionisstrong

        • I don’t even think it’s addiction at this point–just mild curiosity and a vague hope that they don’t completely eff things up. Hahaha.

  6. Man, I just thought about True Blood probably have started already..haha! I’m not too excited about it after reading this but I’ll still get to it. But no Eric in Ep1..thats disappointing. At least there’s Alcide. I mean, you can make a disappointing episode and not put in some eye candy to soften the blow just a little 😉

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