Blogiversary Bash: The Avengers: Awesomeness Assembles

avengers 3

Guys. I realize people haven’t shut up about it for the past two years…but can we just talk about how ridiculously great The Avengers is? Like The Princess Bride (see my quote tribute to that here), it’s a film that I could watch over and over and over again. And that’s pretty amazing given how stupid I initially thought it was going to be. Oh yeah–I was a doubter. At the time, I was disappointed by Iron Man 2, further disappointed by Thor, and just okay with Captain America. I remember thinking, “Pulling all these guys together sounds like a train wreck.” But I had yet to understand the power of Joss Whedon, who is truly a force to be reckoned with. The summer of 2012, I went to see The Avengers three separate times. Needless to say, I became a believer. So for this post, let’s just take some time to revisit all of the awesome that is The Avengers.


#1: When Black Widow goes all Black Widow on some Russians (skip to 2:11 to see homegirl kick ass)


#2: Captain America’s workout routine…sigh…

avengers 4 avengers 5


#3: When Coulson’s level of Cap fanboy gets creepy

avengers 6


#4: When this happens and everybody’s all “WOAH”

avengers 7


#5: When Iron Man gives Loki a new nickname


#6: When Iron Man meets Thor


#7: “He’s adopted.”




#9: When Joss Whedon introduces us to this insult

avengers 8




#11: “Well, then, son…you’ve got a condition.”




#13: Bruce Banner’s secret


#14: When the Hulk meets Loki

avengers 10 avengers 11




#16: When The Avengers introduce us to shawarma

avengers 12


#17: And have you guys seen the gag reel???


Also, just because…

avengers 2


These are just a few of the many, many reasons why I love The Avengers. Here’s hoping Age of Ultron is worthy of blogiversary praise, too. 🙂

…But seriously, are you guys as excited for AOU as I am? Is it next summer yet?! Think Coulson will get a cameo?!?! WILL AOU BE EQUALLY AWESOME?!?!?!


*flails around*

*Hulks out*


*smashes things*

*calms down*

*gets embarrassed*


…I’m gonna go now.


*shuffles off*

40 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: The Avengers: Awesomeness Assembles

  1. The Avengers is my all time favorite movie. The best is the throw down between Tony, Steve, and Thor. “Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?” Too funny. Great list, Cara.

    • I do really, really love that part. I’d like to see more Tony/Thor interaction in AOU–didn’t get a ton of it in this one. More Tony/Loki would also be awesome. Too bad Loki isn’t going to be in it… 😦 Glad you love this one, too, my friend!

  2. I absolutely love the avengers. Great list, pretty much all of my favorite parts were in here, minus a few, but you couldn’t get all of them in one post. 😉 Unless you posted the movie itself. Some of my other favorites:
    Cap: “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off and what are you?”
    Stark: “Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.”
    Fury: “Let me know if ‘real power’ wants a magazine or something.”
    Stark: “That man is playing Galaga…”

  3. Three things:
    1. Nerd fact. Did you know that Quim is Shakespearean for C*** (ask Zoe if you don’t understand the censored word). Very sly and naughty of Whedon to slip that in.
    2. Do a Sister Schuster thingy for this.
    3. You put Number Three twice.
    3. You put Number Three twice.

    • I expect AOU to be amazing. I’m more skeptical about Justice League–particularly because of how disappointed I was by Man of Steel. We’ll see. I’m reserving judgment. I want DC to do better in the film world because I do think they have some great characters.

  4. Lady, this post was awesome (even though I was not that big into the movie)!

    Yes, naturally you would just love the Captain’s workout routine… 😛

    BUT, did you not complain LAST NIGHT about Cat People, and here you show us the Catvengers?! #confused

    Other than that, I really, really think I should watch this again and see how I feel about it the second time around.

    • You’re not into The Avengers?! That surprises me! I freaking love it. Yeah, I know me loving Cap workout comes as no surprise. Hahaha. I don’t love cats, but when they’re used in awesome and/or funny ways (i.e. Catvengers), then I can appreciate them. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT AGAIN.


      • LOL oh I see. I love cats though 😉 They are most awesome.

        I know, shocker!! I think it was just ridiculously hyped up. It took my other half and I like two days to get through it because we were just like pfffffff. Not cause there were no good aspects, because there WERE plenty of those, but there was just so much… not working, and a MASSIVELY lacking storyline.

        Alright, alright. I will watch it… though I am wanting to buy this Avengers box set, so maybe I will watch it when I have the whole collection together again.

        #donthateme #upcomingsecondchance

        • Oooooh an Avengers boxset, eh? Now you’re getting fancy! Hope you like it the second go around. It’s one of my faves. 🙂


        • Teehee, I have a penchant for box sets… figured I would get rid of the loosies and get one nice collection!

          I think my take on it might be a little different now that I know what to expect of it, but I don’t think it will ever become a favourite… But maybe I just don’t dislike it so intensely when all is said and done.


  5. Lol. Love this. Agree with all your choices, too! But this… “#16: When The Avengers introduce us to shawarma” – not shown in the UK! GRRR!!! Was most pissed off, especially as I’m one of those people who sits through the credits for these things. Love Catvengers! Adorable! : )

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