Blogiversary Bash: The Stats and More

Party Puppehs

Party Puppehs

Good day, friends! Thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday. It really does mean a lot. Eventually, I will find time to go back and respond to each one of you. It’s been a bit crazy around here with family coming into town, and I’m sure it will only get crazier. But I wanted to stick to the schedule I’d planned out because this is important to me. So here we go!

One year ago today, I started blogging! If you read my 6-Month Blogiverary post, you can see the details of what got me going here on WordPress, but the short version is this: I was disappointed by Man of Steel, and I wanted to share that opinion with you fine people. The rest is history! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: deciding to blog was one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do. This place is awesome, writing every day is awesome, and you guys are especially awesome.

Anyway, today’s post is nothing super special. It’s very similar to my 6-Month post in that it shares some of my stats, but I also added in a few other bits as well–a few posts and/or bloggers that I wanted to point out. Read on if you’re curious. 🙂

party pups 2

Number of…

Posts: 226 (More than double the number I had for my six-month post!)

Comments: 5,002 (Over FOUR TIMES MORE than what I had six months ago! Woah!)

Views: 28,029 (Again, over four times the views from six months ago! I am blown away!)

Followers: 271 (My loyal minions! You have more than doubled!)


My Readers Consist of…

51% Americans–a significant drop from the 71% of six months ago. What’s up, ‘Merica??

18% Brits–up from 15%! Jolly good!

4% Canadians–up from 1.8%, eh.

4% Germans–ach ja! Sehr gut, meinen freunden! You didn’t make the top four six months ago!

23% Hodgepodge–folks from allllll over!

party pups 3

The Popular Kids

Most likes: Resolutions 2014: Pan’s Labyrinth (All hail V, Queen of Thumbs Up!)

Most comments: Umm…actually the About section…*blushes* But after that, Devil’s Due

Most viewed (aside from Homepage/Archives): Resolutions 2014: Pulp Fiction (The interwebz CANNOT get enough of Pulp Fiction.)


The Search Is On

Most popular search phrases: “pulp fiction,” followed by “2001 a space odyssey (thank you, JJames Reviews),” followed by…”disappointment?!” Sigh…

Searches that win: “benedict cumberbatch r kelly rap” (this person knows what’s up…see here), “im intelligent and i hated don jon” (HA!), “oliver queen salmon ladder gif ” (YEP…see the end of this post), “levitt isn’t as smart as he thinks” (my Googlers are Levitt haters–noted), “tweet if you have 12 cumberbuns cumberbatch?” (Whaaaaaat?), “charlie bit my ginger chris hemsworth” (Chris Hemsworth is biting gingers?! God, I love typos…see this post to see what this person was getting at), “luke diaper star wars” (Bahaha what??)

party pup 4

Series Success

NOOOOvember 2013: 6 disgruntled guest bloggers vented about films that disappointed them

Resolutions 2014: 15 motivated guest bloggers fulfilled their film resolutions

April Fools 2014: 16 lovable guest bloggers talked about their favorite lovable idiots


Most Valuable Guest Bloggers

MovieRob, whom I would award 5 shiny gold stars for the whopping 5 reviews he sent for Resolutions 2014

The Verbal Spew, whom I would award 45 pugs for her write-up of Pan’s Labyrinth with 45 likes

Isaacs Picture Conclusions, Cinema Parrot Disco, Hard Ticket to Home Video, and JJames Reviews, whom I would award every flavor of Bertie’s Botts Every Flavor Beans for participating in every series I have done so far

The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger, whom I would award a Winter Soldier for sending me a post for Song and Screen mere days after I casually invited guests to partake

party pup 5

The Highlights (so far)

All things Miguel (see here, here, and here)

The Shitfest Socials

Texting during movies with my sister

Every Question of the Month from Oracle of Film

Discovering Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

MovieRob’s Genre Grandeur

This brilliant True Detective post

My top ten list for The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger

These Valentines

Cinema Parrot Disco’s John Hughes Blogathon

This list of Eric’s manly makeouts

Watching The Hunt for Alex Raphael’s Foreign Favorites series

The Screenkicker Podcast

My supervillain Guest List for The Cinema Monster

Emma Stone’s lip sync battle

This insane interview with The IPC

Becoming a little LAMB!

It is surprisingly difficult to find party lambs...

It is surprisingly difficult to find party lambs…

That’s all for today, but there’s SO MUCH MORE TO COME! Tomorrow, I’ll have a little post of my own paying homage to one of my favorite, and after that…well, you’ll see. 😉 Lots of celebrating going on here, people. Enjoy your weekend by celebrating, too!

43 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: The Stats and More

  1. Happy Blogiversary, Cara!!! Yay!!! *sigh* I remember my one year blogiversary… Lol. (Last November!). Your stats are better than mine were at a year!!! : ) *pout* ; ) That’s awesome. Keep up the great work! And I’ll get my thingy to you soon!!! I hate being late with stuff for people! I’ve used too many exclamation marks in this comment!!!!!! ! !! !!!!!!!! ! ! !!!! !! : )

    • I remember your one-year! There was Alien-themed cake! You gave us a picture! And Mike has been visiting your about page ever since… 😉 Yeah, just send me your write-up whenever you get a chance. Oh dear…I don’t have nearly as many exclamation marks as you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …There. That ought to fix it. 🙂

  2. Hodgepodge–folks… is this what I have become to you?!

    A WINTER SOLDIER?! Cara, you are most absolutely and most certainly the best person EVER. Best award! ❤ ❤

    … so, when does he arrive? 😉

    • Sorry, my friend–I thought about breaking it down even more, but I so did not have the time. Hahaha. South Africa is the #8 country on my list! You need to tell your people to up their game and visit my site! 😉 As for the Winter Soldier…notice the “whom I WOULD send” part? As in, “would if I could?” Pretty sure he would hand my ass to me if I tried to abduct him. Hmm. But maybe Miguel could work something out…

      • We are the #8 country? Holy crapsticks, our internets is indeed spreading in this place! 😛

        Dammit Cara, you have Miguel!!! UTELISE HIM!!!

        Great minds, see?

  3. “tweet if you have 12 cumberbuns cumberbatch?” – HAHA! If you make a Cumberbatch of buns do you make an extra for a baker’s dozen? 13 Cumberbatches, woohoo! Congrats on the first superb year, my dear. 😀

    • Bahahaha! 13 Cumberbatches?! The world would explode with awesome!! Thanks so much, V. It’s been a very fun start. P.S. I didn’t miss your blogiversary, did I?? Is it coming up?? I can’t remember if yours is shortly before or shortly after mine.

  4. wow! happy blogiversary! So glad you added so much to your stats in 6 months. Cant wait to see what you’ll have a year from now

    Cant believe your 1 Israeli follower only gets hodgepodge mention 🙂

    I might want to update my post to you since I saw Fault in our Stars on Thursday and spent today reading the book. when is my new deadline to update if I want?

    keep em coming!

    • Next year, I’ll have to mention the top ten countries or something–Zoe was also disappointed that South Africa didn’t get a shoutout. Israel very nearly made the cut! Holding strong at #5 (and I’m 100% positive that’s entirely because of you). 🙂 If you’re wanting to update your post, go right ahead and send it my way whenever you can–though preferably before Wednesday (since that’s when I had planned on it going up). Thanks, Rob!!

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  6. Awesome happy blogiversary! Love all the pics so cute and the Miguel posts are definitely fun to read. Love those! Yay back in action. I am getting caught up too prepare for comments!

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