To Ease Your Game of Thrones Withdrawals

Hi, guys! Busy times here! Not only is it smack dab in the middle of birthday season in my family (we all have our birthdays within five weeks–not to mention Father’s Day), but my super cool sister is here to visit (read her hilarity in the Shenanigans Archives and see her in my NYC post), so forgive me if I fall behind on responding to comments and/or keeping up with your blogs over the next week or so (like I haven’t fallen waaaayyyy behind already). I am not intentionally being neglectful–I am just bonding with the fam.

As for the reason for this clip…Well, anyone who is a Game of Thrones fan is probably already suffering vicious withdrawals after Sunday’s season four finale so here’s a little something to ease the pain: Lena Headey (a.k.a. Cersei Lannister) and Jimmy Kimmel drinking wine and exchanging insults GoT style. It’s pretty glorious. Headey IS the queen.

Also, another bit of silly fun for GoT fans: Wanna know your GoT warrior name? Then let me direct you to right here. My sister discovered this actually. Just plug in your name and pick your weapon of choice, and you have yourself a pretty hilarious new Westeros nickname. Apparently my sister would be “The Shadowcat” of House Targaryen, Despoiler of Chaos, while I would be “The Charlatan” of House Greyjoy, Defender of Chaos, which I think puts us at odds…However, when I switched my weapon of choice, I became “The Devil” of House Greyjoy, Despoiler of Glory. Bow down, people. Plug your name in and see yourself in GoT splendor.

30 thoughts on “To Ease Your Game of Thrones Withdrawals

  1. Abbi “The Mad Knight” Osbiston, butcher of lightning riding for House Stark. I really always saw myself as more of a Tyrell.

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