A Blogiversary Teaser Trailer

Hi, guys! Just a short clip today, but I’m thoroughly excited about this, so I had to share. Many of you are familiar with my buddy Luke over at Oracle of Film, yeah? If you aren’t, you should really go follow him right now. Yes NOW. I’ll wait…Okay, we good? Anyway, I don’t want to harp on this too much since I just said something about it yesterday, but I’ve got a series coming up for my one-year blogiversary (read the details here), and Luke is pulling out all the stops for it. He’s making a video, and I have been told there are costumes and American accents (Luke is English). Plus, I’m sensing inspiration from a certain popular Fox TV series. Check out Luke’s freshly released teaser trailer and see what you think! 🙂

21 thoughts on “A Blogiversary Teaser Trailer

      • Yes it is! It’s from Season 1, which I watched non-stop for about twenty hours. They said, “The following events take place on the day of the California Presidential Primary” at the start of every single episode, so it’s ingrained in my brain forever now. 😀

        The prospect of this also excites me. One can never tell what greatness Luke’s mind might produce.

  1. Cara! Is the closing date still the 20th? I just had a flash of inspiration. I was in the shower when it came to me, naturally. Epiphany showers ftw.

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