Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum Arm Wrestle

I haven’t posted a Tonight Show clip in WEEKS! Obviously, it’s time again. Today’s randomness is in honor of Friday’s 22 Jump Street premiere (which I’m actually pretty excited about…don’t judge me). I give you Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum trying to psych each other out while arm wrestling. This…this made me giggle. Hopefully, you will, too.

27 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum Arm Wrestle

  1. Haha! Love your clips. : ) Hey – Tatum features in my post on Friday! (Spoilers!) ; ) I almost went to 22 Jump Street today. I just didn’t like the first one that much… :-/

      • I have never seen him in a comedic role, hence I was so shocked. Sounds like I should be watching 21 Jump Street. I don’t mind him as an actor, I actually enjoy him.

        • Definitely check out 21 Jump Street. Also, have you seen She’s the Man? He’s pretty funny in that, too. And I forget–have you seen This Is the End? His cameo in that WINS.

        • Got 21 Jump Street lined up to go sometime, She’s The Man sounds SO far out of the realm of things I usually watch, but if you recommend it I can change that… and I have yet to see that (don’t even judge me). 😛

        • 21 Jump Street is a must, and She’s the Man is surprisingly enjoyable. I honestly thought I’d hate it, but I ended up liking it quite a bit! You might give it a shot. Unless you loathe Amanda Bynes, in which case I’d say stay away. Hahaha.

        • On 21 Jump Street as soon as I have a few minutes.

          Oh dear soul… this is the movie that Natasha watched recently and was on the phone with me the whole way through (it’s like the Schuster Sister Shenanigans except we’re never watching the same thing at the same time haha). I will speak to her and see if I should test it out. I believe she said it was a movie so bad it actually turned out decent.

  2. What a great video, I never stay up late to watch Jimmy Fallon so I love seeing these when you post them. Ugh seriously he’s so hot, I am sorry I am such a girl, I love him he is gorgeous. Thank you God!

  3. Cara Gale!! I’m back!! YouTube seems to be blocked again so I can’t see the clip here 😦

    I don’t really care much for Tatum but I did love 21 Jump Street. If we’re not too tired, we’re going to go see the new one this weekend 🙂

    Missed you!!!

    • Whaaaaat? How could those bitches block YouTube?? Rude! I might not get to see 22 Jump Street for a while, so you’ll have to let me know if it’s awesome. 🙂

      Missed you, too, dude. WELCOME HOME!!!


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