Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Good day, friends! Not sure if many of you will be around this weekend what with Memorial Day and Bank Holiday and all that jazz, but just in case any of you are around and looking for a laugh, here’s this video from Jimmy Kimmel Live of celebrities reading mean things people have tweeted about them. Have you seen these before? If not, I highly recommend going back and watching every one. They are that funny.

P.S. My personal favorite on here is Gary Oldman. The. Best.

30 thoughts on “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

  1. Oh man!! I was going to say I’ve seen this and it’s insanely funny, but then I saw Gary Oldman mentioned. I don’t believe I’ve seen this one, but I’ve seen some others before. It’s amazing stuff. Their reactions are priceless. Thanks for more laughs Cara! 😀

  2. Sofia is so dreamyyy…..I love her! I viewed this earlier and thought it was one of the best ones yet! Matthew proved hilarious with his read and I laughed out loud at a few of the others as well.

  3. Lmao! LOVE this! Oldman & McConaughey were the best. Thanks for sharing these, Cara. : ) I always miss out on this stuff in the UK! We seem to have the same sense of humor. : )

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