Emma Stone lip sync battle

Hey, kids! No time to write anything up for today, but I wanted to get a little something fun out rather than have a big ol’ fat nothing, so I thought, “Why not an awesome lip sync battle featuring Emma Stone?” That’s right: lip sync battle. Every now and then Jimmy Fallon has them on his show, and earlier this week he decided to duke it out with Miss Stone. And she KILLS IT. So in honor of her general awesomeness and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere (seeing it at 11:00! Woo!), here you go. Enjoy.

35 thoughts on “Emma Stone lip sync battle

  1. That’s a pretty classic case of one-up-mans-ship. They each are awesome and then the next one is better. Though I do have to say I dock Stone some points for actually singing the first song. She makes up for it with the second, though.

    • I couldn’t tell if she was serious about actually singing or not. Regardless, she is amazing, and so is Jimmy. I love what he’s been doing on The Tonight Show! I never really used to pay attention to it before, but he’s brought in all these fun things from his show, and now I feel like I watch a video from it at least once a week.

      • There were a couple of moments where you could actually hear Stone. She wasn’t signing out loud, mind you, more like a whisper. But it wasn’t silent lip syncing either.

        • I didn’t hear that! Shame on Emma! Lol. Yeah I guess I watch the clips more than the actual show, too…But that’s still more than I used to pay to it than I used to, so I guess that’s a win for the show!

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