April Fools 2014: Where the Wild Things Are

where the wild things are

How about a brand-spankin’ new list of lovable idiots for your Saturday enjoyment? The lovely Abbi from Where the Wild Things Are is here to share just such a list with us! Abbi has a wonderful blog that dabbles in all kinds of things–movie reviews, throwback pictures, recipes, fashion, top ten lists…it’s all great fun, so follow her! Anywho, here’s her list of April Fools! Continue reading

Lights Out

Hey, guys! Remember that film review I promised you? Yeahhhh. I chose to sleep instead of write that. Lol. But I pinky swear that it will be all written and ready for your perusal first thing tomorrow! And by “first thing” I probably mean my usual noonish post time. But you catch my drift. Continue reading

April Fools 2014: JJames Reviews


Hey, folks! It’s almost the weekend! Why not kick it off with a few idiots? Lovable film idiots, that is. Josh of JJames Reviews is here to share his own list of April Fools for our reading enjoyment. Hailing from a thorough, intelligent film review blog (that you should definitely follow), Josh wisely chose to narrow the large scope to his favorite film fools of last year alone. Who made the cut? Read on to see! 🙂 Continue reading