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Hope your day is as sunshiny and gorgeous as a Saturday in spring should be! Of course, you should probably read this list of April Fools before you go out and play. MovieRob is here to offer up his two cents today by narrowing the wide world of lovable idiots to a very specific type. Be sure to check out Rob’s site; he has tons of wonderful film reviews (you won’t BELIEVE how many film this man has seen), and he always has a series each month where he invites guest bloggers to write about their favorite film in a certain genre. Awesome stuff. Take it away, Rob!


Growing up as a teenager in the late 80’s-early 90’s I was a big fan of sitcoms (especially Must See TV on NBC Thursday nights) and since it was in the days before being instantly able to watch a show online or TiVoing a show, you actually had to make sure you could be free to watch it when it aired, so I was usually glued to my TV when many sitcoms were on.

One of things I usually loved about those shows was that in general, almost all of the characters were completely loveable idiots and we would always be able to laugh every week at the idiotic things they would do and eventually get themselves into some kind of trouble.

Here is my top 5 sitcoms from the 90’s with loveable idiot casts:


Everybody Loves Raymond

This shows not only featured idiotically funny characters played perfectly by the cast, but it brought the idea of a dysfunctional families to a new level.

Biggest loveable idiot on the show – Raymond himself who constantly got himself into trouble with his wife, his parents, his in-laws and of course with his brother.

Ever wonder why we rarely got to see him at work???? Maybe because if we saw how good a sportswriter he was we wouldn’t find him as funny at home.



This show took 6 “normal” singles and found a way to put each and every one of them in silly situations each week making us laugh with them and at them all at the same time.

Biggest loveable idiot of the show – tie between Joey and Ross.  Joey was always the stupid one, but Ross even with his PhD in Paleontology got into much more trouble that Joey ever did because Ross lacked street smartness and was very VERY) unlucky in love throughout the shows entire run.


Home Improvement

This show started not long after The Cosby Show ended and brought the family comedy back to a level where the father was the idiotic one and always needed to get help from his faceless neighbor Wilson.

Biggest loveable idiot on the show – only one to choose from because this show WAS Tim Allen’s spotlight on how men can be apes and just care about fixing things and wanting more POWER and ultimately just screwing everything up.  Once again proving that behind every successful man is a wife who knows how to get him out of trouble.



I have always loved Frasier more than Cheers because it was able to take the humor up a level to seem like more intellectual humor eventhough it is still as silly as any other comedy.

Biggest loveable idiot on the show – Frasier Crane, since he always presented himself as the intellectual and always always made some kind of mistake by accident that he would try to get himself out of and would still end up falling on his face.



Anyone who grew up watching Seinfeld knows how amazing this show is and throughout its 9 year run, we all laughed along with how each of the four main characters treated everyone they met.  Only during the final episode did it hit most of us as to how mean they all really are. I actually felt embarrassed for always laughing at their antics over the years when it dawned on me how despicable they all were.  Re-watching the show is fun, but not as good as it was during its initial run IMHO.

Biggest loveable idiot on the show – Gotta be George – He was the meanest of the four and somehow got himself into trouble every week and it didn’t matter what he did, we still loved his crazy and gruff personality.


Thanks again Cara for letting me join in!


Thanks YOU, Rob! Always happy to have you–especially when your choices are this excellent! My LAWD how this month has flown! Can you believe tomorrow is the last guest review?! It makes me a little sad… :/ However, we’re ending on a fantastic note, so there’s that to look forward to. 🙂 Plus, there’ll be one more list from me to wrap things up. Until tomorrow, my friends!

20 thoughts on “April Fools 2014: MovieRob

  1. Very awesome choices Rob! It really didn’t strike me until this list of greats that the sitcom really is just loaded with the lovable idiot archetype! It’s kind of the basis for the show. And I’m glad you chose George Castanza out of all the guys on Seinfeld; that’s a really tough pick but I’d go with him too, over Jerry or Kramer. Although Kramer makes a good case. . .

  2. Amen on the awesomeness of Seinfeld, Rob. And also on the loveability of Friends’ characters. Both are such great shows. I never really got into Everybody Loves Raymond, though.

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