April Fools 2014: Consumed by Film

consumed by film

Happy Friday, you beautiful people! That’s right–you’re beautiful. Know what else is beautiful? A nice list of lovable idiots. Lucky for you, I have such a list for you from Adam of Consumed by Film. That’s right, Adam took some time away from his excellent movie and TV review site (that you should certainly follow) to share his own list of April Fools. Let’s check out his picks!


The wonderful Cara has given me the opportunity to be a part of her hilarious April Fools blogathon, despite my deplorably late offerings. Thank you Cara! I promise to be early next time. Maybe.

Criteria-wise, my picks adhere to the basis that not all loveable idiots are literally idiots. They may well be dumb and inept, or perhaps they are just simply inexperienced or unlucky. Maybe the idiocy stems from their lack of conviction, or even an over-reliance on potentially disastrous decision-making. To narrow the idiot-scape a tad I’ve decided to pluck five folks from the comedy film genre, though said genre still dictates a pretty wide berth.


5. Ray – In Bruges (2008)

Ray is a bit of a peculiar pick within the confines of the loveable idiot territory, but I reckon he just about makes the cut. The hitman is hampered by guilt, and perhaps that has something to do with his over abundantly aware demeanour. To put it simply, Ray’s an idiot for doing what he does – killing – but an inert awkwardness and a lingering sense of unknown on his part both contribute to our sympathetic judgement towards the Irishman. Not to mention his exceedingly apologetic nature.

“You can’t sell horse tranquilisers to a midget!”


4. Bruce Nolan – Bruce Almighty (2003)

Let’s face it: a list of loveable idiots is not complete without the utterly bonkers Jim Carrey. In Bruce Almighty, Carrey takes on the reigns of downtrodden weatherman Bruce, and shortly thereafter the powers of God, making for many an energetic antic. He’s an idiot for a variety of reasons – the most prominent of which involves pushing Jennifer Anniston out of his life – but Bruce always retains a quirky charm that flares through luckless mishaps. Armed with a gargantuan grin, the man endeavours to spell words for emphasis so, in that case, he’s a B-U-M-BLING idiot. But a sweet one nonetheless.

“Eroding. Eeeroding. EEEEEEEERODING!”


3. Viktor Navorski – The Terminal (2004)

Perhaps it is unfair to label a linguistically challenged chap stuck unexpectedly in an unknown American airport for an extended period of time an idiot. When it comes to Viktor Navorski though, the appeal is in his knowledge inadequacies. He can’t shake them, and we can’t shake him. Spending many a food token on Burger King sandwiches may not be the brightest of moves, but as time progresses so too does Viktor’s savvy – we watch him get a job, meet the love of his life and join a ragtag group of airport oddities. I’m still trying to find out the whereabouts of Krakozhia.

“I’m afraid from, uh… Dracula!”


2. Pete Hogwallop and Delmar O’Donnell – O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Okay, so I’m sort of cheating with this one. It’s too difficult to separate this duo of doted criminal runaways, namely Pete Hogwallop (that’s right) and Delmar O’Donnell. Both guys are the definition of gullible – putting a large degree of trust in a fellow escapee who claims he’ll lead the pair to hidden treasure doesn’t exactly scream out smarts. The guys keep trying though, and their loyalty to Clooney’s Ulysses is admirable at worst. Besides, it’s hard not to sympathise with someone whose own family will turn them in for wonga.

“Can’t you see it Everett? Them sirens did this to Pete. They loved him up and turned him into a horny toad!”


1. Johnny English – Johnny English (2003)

If there’s one person who defines the loveable idiot tag, it’s Mr. Bean himself. Only this time, Mr. Bean is a secret agent… or he’s trying to be, at least. Johnny isn’t the sharpest tool in the box and it’s a miracle that he finds himself in such a lofty position. Well, a tragedy rather than a miracle (all other British secret agents have been wiped out by a bomb, oops). From ascending a sewage filled toilet, to injecting himself with muscle relaxant, Johnny always seems to place himself in more trouble than one can imagine. Yet he always seems to wriggle his way through, and that’s why we love him. The name’s English… Johnny English.

“An eye patch, broken nose, very few teeth – two, I would say at the most – and a scar on his cheek in the shape… of a banana.”


I feel bad for not including the delightful squirm king Steve Carrell in my list of loveable idiots, but I’d have gone for his depiction of Barry in Dinner for Schmucks (2010) – just for the record. Flik from A Bug’s Life (1998) and Space Jam’s (1996) Stan Podolak just missed out too.


MORE greatness from the world of lovable idiots! Thanks so much, Adam! I’m going to have to count up all of these lovable idiots whenever we’re done. It still astounds me how present this type of character is in film and television. And there’s even more to come! A couple of guest lists coming atcha over the weekend, so stay tuned!

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