April Fools 2014: Tranquil Dreams


Another day, another round of idiots! This set of April Fools is brought to you by the lovely Kim of Tranquil Dreams. Kim’s blog is super cool with a whole variety of stuff–movie reviews, awesome travel photos, recipes, and much more. Be sure to go give it a looksee! Now let’s see what fools Kim picked…

My Five Favorite Movie Idiots

I have the hardest time thinking who are idiots in movies. I mean, if they were actually idiots, I usually think stupid and if they are stupid, I probably didn’t watch that movie. Sometimes, just sometimes, I head into the comedy territory and give something a shot. A lot of it has to do with entering into this movie blogging world and I thank that a lot. What I’m saying is that these five favorite movie idiots were pretty hard to figure out. I stared at my movie shelf for a while thinking about movies that I liked to compile the whole thing. I have come to realize that movie idiots don’t really have to be dumb but rather (in some cases) they just might have a really pure and naive heart/intentions.

Before I ramble on anymore, in no particular order, here is my list:


Shelley Darlingson (Anna Faris) – The House Bunny

 shelley darlington

When we talk idiots, the first name that popped in my head was The House Bunny. Anna Faris always picks awkward roles to play but nothing quite beats the first time I saw her on screen as Shelley in The House Bunny. Shelley has a great heart and she wants the best for the people around her. Sometimes, she’s so simple-minded that she doesn’t really get how to approach anything other than what she’s learned in the Playboy mansion, like using your body to get your way or being sexy. Still, you can’t blame a girl for using what she’s learned but she keeps trying her best. Even if she can’t figure out how to say the word “philanthropy” and she uses the most superficial ways to get things done, her intentions are always good and sometimes we need a bit of simpleness, right? It’s hard to dislike someone so genuine. I could use a few more of those people in my life, I can tell you that much.


Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge) – Legally Blonde


Legally Blonde was a pretty silly movie to start with, not that I’m saying I don’t enjoy it once in a while but I think I enjoy watching it for the pretty silly lines that come out of Jennifer Coolidge’s character Paulette. Paulette is a simple manicurist that meets Elle completely randomly and becomes one of her only friends. She lacks self-esteem and is too shy to approach the UPS guy that she’s crushing on secretly. In fact, Jennifer Coolidge plays a lot of these lovable idiot roles but the best one has to go out to this one and its probably one of the roles I remember her the most in. Especially that bend-snap scene, haha!


Gus – Cinderella


I started thinking about idiots in animations because I do watch a lot of animated flicks throughout the year and THE most lovable one has to be Gus. It’s just mega cute and all he thinks about is getting food and helping Cinderella and hopefully avoiding Lucifer so he doesn’t get eaten but unfortunately, he’s also not very good at many things, one of them being multitasking. Still, just look at him, how can you not just laugh a little at his silliness but want to give him a hug for being such a champ and trying his best all the time?


Kronk – The Emperor’s New Groove

 kronk tranquil dreams

You thought I’d just end there with animated characters? Never.  I really put this one first and honestly, I wasn’t sure if Gus would be an acceptable choice. Cara didn’t say animals weren’t accepted, right? I tried to play fair and add a human in: Kronk. He is the sidekick of Yzma, the administrator that plots to take over the kingdom. As evil as his role is supposed to be, Kronk is just the silliest evil person ever because he isn’t. He’s just a joker but that also gives him the right to be on here as a movie idiot. I mean, the man isn’t really bright. Still, even though he is on the wrong side of this, I can’t find it in me to not like him because its obvious that he’s in this position because Yzma manipulates him to do all those things.


Sing (Stephen Chow) – God of Gamblers 2

 stephen chow

If there is one person who plays idiots the very best, it has to be Stephen Chow, especially his earlier works. If you haven’t watched Stephen Chow or you don’t know him by name, maybe you’ve seen Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle. Either way, I’m a huge fan of his and what Stephen Chow has in his early career was playing the quite smart inside but just so absurd on the outside. Honestly, I had the hardest time choosing a role that was the most absurd but I guess there is really no question that God of Gamblers takes the cake. Except Stephen Chow couldn’t be an idiot and look somewhat smart with his partner in crime, Man Tat Ng who is in almost all his movies. They are just the most idiotic duo ever but God of Gamblers 2 has him pulling stupid faces, doing dumb things and just more talk than doing but I can’t hate him because when the tough hits, he dishes out exactly what he thinks and knows the right words to do what he has to do to do whats right.

Actually there was two that didn’t quite make the list. My first honorable mention would go out to TV character Jason Stackhouse but since Cara already has hers with the exact caption I would’ve used, no one quite beats Jason at being the example of a idiot. Since this was the only TV choice, I skipped TV characters and went for movies which leads me to the second one would be Bollywood hit 3 Idiots. The title says it all, right? My issue was that I couldn’t quite choose who was more of an idiot so I let that one go. If you’ve seen the movie, my choice was leaning towards Raju.

Thanks so much to Cara for putting this April Fools series!  It was some intense brain exercise but its brought some pretty happy memories!


Thanks to YOU, Kim! All wonderful choices, but I particularly love the addition of Kronk! He might be making an appearance on a later list…maybe. 😉 More tomorrow!

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  1. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Check out my entry on the April Fools Blogathon over at Silver Screen Serenade. We had to choose 5 lovable idiots from movies or TV. I vouched for movies and it was tough to narrow it down in the end but here’s i the final list. In my mind, lovable idiots seem to all have a good heart and pure intentions, they just don’t really have the right mindset to do it, if not something else.
    Drop by and see what other bloggers have chosen also. I’ve seen some pretty amazing lists 🙂
    Huge thanks to Cara for putting this together and thinking up this April Fools Blogathon. It was so much fun 🙂

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