April Fools 2014: Alex Raphael


I may be on a plane to New York, but while I’m away, the April Fools are out to play! I have several fantastic guest lists lined up, including today’s list from Alex Raphael! Alex’s site is a whole mix of awesome stuff–movie reviews, quizzes, quotes, pictures, and more. Check it out fo sho! Anyway, let’s see Alex’s favorite idiots, shall we? 🙂


When I heard about this very fun-sounding April Fools’ 2014 I just had to become a Cara Chameleon and write something. April Fools’ Day may have passed, but these guys are in character all year long. I cover quite a bit of TV shows on my site but these guys have always stood out. Here are my favourite TV Idiots.


Trigger – Only Fools and Horses

In British comedy, the definitive idiot. When I wrote about him on my site, I described him as three cards short of a full deck which really does seem generous when you look at the evidence. He still calls one of his few friends by the wrong name in one of the great long-running TV gags, thinks Gandhi only did one film and was never heard of again and believes Einstein was the manager of The Beatles. His stupidity is such that when they arrive to a place to see it is closed, his friends are shocked as Trigger had told them the place was open 24 hours. He replies: “It is, but not at night.” And as with any idiot, sometimes he didn’t even have to say anything.


Jack McFarland – Will & Grace

I’m a huge fan of Will & Grace so just had to put him up here. It was said of the show that it succeeded despite its supporting characters being more interesting than its main cast. While I wouldn’t agree with viewpoint at all, it does show just how popular Jack and his maverick partner in crime Karen was. Jack’s stupidity could stand out anywhere, but next to Will’s erudite logic, it was even funnier. What he lacked in brains, he more than made up for with his spontaneity, flamboyance and dancing.


Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

No list would be complete without a mention of the man who continues to be the poster boy for TV idiocy. His list of inane comments and inaccurate observations could fill a dictionary, but for all his lack of knowledge and common sense, you can’t help but love the guy, especially as in his own way he does love his family and often manages to sleep through the day at work. He may have a cavalier attitude to physical pain, but he does have a unique way of looking at the world. When asked by his wife Marge if this was how he pictured married life, he replies: “Pretty much, except we drove around in a van solving mysteries.”


Dougal McGuire – Father Ted

The two writers of Father Ted were well aware of the jokes that mocked the supposed intellect of the Irish, so they knew that if they had an eejit in their show he would have to have something different about him. What they created was Dougal, a hilariously naïve man in his twenties who seemingly had the innocent curiosity of a 12 year old. Not understanding the intricacies or even the essence of Christianity despite his profession, he also famously not that great with sheep either.


Rose Nylund – The Golden Girls

No Cara, you are not the only Golden Girls fan. And it just wouldn’t have been the same without Rose and her gloriously rambling anecdotes about the small home town of St Olaf, Minnesota. Beyond gullible, Rose’s optimism mixed nicely with Blanche’s sexiness, Dorothy’s cynicism and Sophia’s scheming, and always helped bring the group together. Just don’t mess with her teddy bear.


Many thanks, Alex! LOVE the addition of Rose, obviously. 🙂 Yet another awesome list here! And more to come!

23 thoughts on “April Fools 2014: Alex Raphael

    • I’m loving finding more Rose Nylund fans! Love that lady! : ) And, good – Homer Simpson on another list. Well deserved! Only Fools & Horses really is great – one of only a few British shows I’ve checked out since moving to the UK. Know I should watch more. Great list! : )

  1. Amen on Rose, Homer and Jack. All are very lovable and none to bright.

    I don’t know the other two, but I believe that’s the second consecutive list on which Trigger appeared. Maybe I need to make a point of seeing that show. 🙂

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