April Fools 2014: Screenkicker!


Good day, friends! Looking for more lovable idiots? Mikey from the hilarious Screenkicker! can help with that! By which I mean he has a list–although we might call him a lovable idiot, too. 😉 If you haven’t paid a visit to Sreenkicker!, be sure to pop on over because not only does Mikey’s blog cover all kinds of things film and television, but he also has an epic regular podcast and he’s currently running The Screenkicker Olympics–a chance to represent your country/region with a film review. It’s awesome fun. Anywho, take it away, Mikey!


When Cara came up with her lovable idiots idea I immediately sprang up pen and paper in hand scribbling down a list of names. Only after reading it did I realise I had confusingly written down smart people I hate (I’m looking at you Steven Hawking, I just don’t like your tone). So I started again, this time listing my top 5 TV idiots. Here they are:


5. Trigger – Only Fools and Horses


Street-sweeper Trigger is Peckham’s very own village idiot. He’s a true innocent who is famous for always calling Rodney Trotter ‘Dave’. Trigger’s stupidity knows no bounds but he always seemed totally content with his intellect making him a hero in my eyes. Sadly actor Roger Lloyd-Pack died last year.

Quote –

Mike: What name have they decided on?

Trigger: If it’s a girl they’re calling her “Sigourney” after an actress, and if it’s a boy they’re naming him “Rodney” after Dave.


4. Mac – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpia


Mac (Rob McElhenney) is the classic type of idiot who truly believes they are smart. He sees himself a both the brains and the brawn of Paddy’s Pub with his ocular pat-downs and Project Bad-ass videos. Obviously gay but in denial even though he’s been sleeping with a girl with a penis Mac is an idiot par excellence.

Quote –

Mac: Great, onto the matter at hand. We’re getting plowed in the ass by the oil companies and the gas companies with their ten gallon hats and their rotten ass-plowing hearts. So, as the brains of this organization, I came up with a plan.

Dennis: Lay it on us, bud.

Mac: It involves us pulling up our bootstraps, oiling up a couple of asses, and doing a little plowing of our own. [long pause] Not gay sex.


3. Frank Drebin – Police Squad

frank drebin 2

You probably know Frank (Leslie Nielsen) from his appearances in The Naked Gun series of films but before this he was the lead character in the short lived classic TV series Police Squad. Drebin bumbles his way into causing complete carnage but always save the day. Frank would go on to save The Queen’s life, defuse a nuclear bomb, and release all the animals from a zoo. Not bad work for an idiot.

Quote –

Frank Drebin: We’re sorry to bother you at such a time like this, Mrs. Twice. We would have come earlier, but your husband wasn’t dead then.


2. Sterling Archer – Archer


Archer (codename ‘Duchess’) is the world’s most dangerous spy and one of the most idiotic and annoying people on Earth. He frequently puts his fellow secret agents in mortal danger and treats his butler like dirt (in one episode he punishes him by making him eat a bowl of spiderwebs) but somehow you can’t help but love him. Archer is like a more realistic version of James Bond if M was Bond’s mum.

Quote –

Archer: I didn’t invent the turtleneck, Lana. But I was the first to see its potential as a tactical garment. The Tactical Turtleneck, Lana. The… Tactleneck!


1. Alan Partridge – I’m Alan Partridge

alan partridge

Alan ‘A-ha’ Partridge (Steve Coogan) is a horrible man. A washed up talkshow host living in a travel tavern and dreaming of making a comeback, Alan has little to no redeeming features. Despite this I love him. He’s a coward, a snob, an idiot but at the same time a tragic hero. How can you not love a man who asks the bereaved Widow at her husband’s funeral for a battery for a Motorola phone.

Quote –

Alan: Talking to two Irish television producers about the Irish Potato Famine: ‘At the end of the day, they will pay the price for being a fussy eater. If they could afford to emigrate, they could afford to eat at a modest restaurant.’


Thanks so much, Mikey! Another great list–once again featuring Frank Drebin! He might just be the unofficial king of this series. More lovable idiots tomorrow, so get ready!

P.S. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for five days of adventure in NYC with my sister. During that period, I’ll try to check WordPress at least once a day, but I may not have time to check more than that because we have many plans. So if I don’t get around to responding to a comment or if I neglect on your blog for awhile, I promise I have not been taken. However, if the end of next week rolls around and you still haven’t heard from me, feel free to contact Liam Neeson.


29 thoughts on “April Fools 2014: Screenkicker!

  1. Great post Mikey… I think that everyone on Sunny in Philadelphia could prob be on this list. Hahaha they are crazy. I keep hearing about this Alan Partridge show I need to see it.
    Have fun Cara!! Post pictures for us to see your trip!!

    • Thanks, Anna! Don’t do anything Eric wouldn’t do?! Hmm. I’m not sure what kind of mischief Eric would get into in NYC…but I’m afraid to find out. 😉

    • Oh yeah – your trip looked like lots of fun, Cara! ; ) Oh, you let Mikey actually post on your blog?! Lol – CRAZY!
      Oh! Mike – nice list. A bit “British”. ; ) This was freaking funny: “I’m looking at you Steven Hawking, I just don’t like your tone”. Lol! I guess that’s why we put up with your perviness. ; ) Btw – WTF are Archer & that Sunny in Philadelphia thing??

  2. hahaha absolutely fantasmagorical list there Mikey. I hope that is a word, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

    I am pretty sure, however, that Sterling Malory Archer is one of the most annoying people on the planet too, but my god do I love him!!! Great choice man, and great quote.

  3. Number of these characters with which I’m familiar: One. Partridge.

    And that’s only because of the 2014 flick recently released. I agree he’s very lovable!

  4. Reblogged this on Screenkicker! and commented:
    With all the excitement of the SK Olympics I forgot to point you all in the direction of this post I did for Silver Screen Serenade. Its a list of my favourite lovable TV idiots as part of Cara’s April Fools spectacular. Do you agree with the list? Let me know who you would choose

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