Hope your Easter is SUPER!

Hey, guys! So I tried to find a cute and Easter-y video to post, but when that failed, I rediscovered something equally wonderful. For those who are not familiar with him, Tim Daly is an actor known for Wings, Private Practice, and, most relevant to this video, being the voice of the animated Superman for several years. For awhile, Tim and his son, Sam, ran a delightful webseries called “The Daly Show.” It may still be going–I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, it’s very cute and very funny.

In this particular video, Sam notices his father’s behavior is a little off, so he calls in Nathan Fillion, another former voice of a superhero (Green Lantern) for some advice on how to help him. Truly, voicing a superhero changes a man. There’s also a little cameo from Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor on Smallville), whom I’ve actually met (he’s lovely)! Anyway, not sure how this ties in with Easter, unless you go the Jesus-rising-from-the-dead-kind-of-makes-him-a-superhero route. But I hope you enjoy it! Happy Easter!

P.S. If you liked that, there’s also a really great one with Kevin Conroy (who voiced Batman). Go here if you’d like to see.

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