April Fools 2014: Hard Ticket to Home Video

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Need your lovable idiot fix? Look no further! There have already been so many excellent lists for April Fools, and Brian from the hilarious Hard Ticket to Home Video is here to offer up another! HTTHV is a great blog with movie reviews, daily news from the terrifying R.O.T.O.R., and so much more. If you don’t already, definitely follow it. Brian chose to do a little something different for his lovable idiots, crowning idiot kings in various categories. Check out his choices!


April Fools



Frank Drebin

This was a close call between Frank and Navin Johnson from “The Jerk,” but Frank is and always will be my favorite comedic character. I love all of the Naked Gun movies, even 33 1/3rd, and every episode (all six) of Police Squad! is hysterical. He was a bumbling buffoon in a straight man’s disguise. Just pure genius.

Favorite quote:

Jane Spencer: “Yeah, you know, a white guy. A mustache. About five-foot-ten.”

Frank Drebin: “That’s an awfully big mustache.”


Prank victim:

Perry Caravello

Perry is the subject and victim of Windy City Heat, which is one of the funniest movies ever made. Perry is a struggling actor who believes he’s getting his big break in a movie called Windy City Heat directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, but the entire production is an elaborate prank on him, and it’s absolutely hysterical. Perry’s ego becomes inflated, thinking he’s going to be a huge movie star after this, and he never catches on, even after he views the movie with his friends, who star in the movie with him, and one of whom has been playing a fake character around Perry for years without Perry ever realizing. It’s amazing and well worth checking out, and even if you don’t find it funny you still have to admire the lengths to which everyone went with the prank.

Favorite quote:

“See, I’ve got a look – I mean, not to be so modest or anything, but I have a look that people just pick up… and they magnetize towards my look.”



Charlie Kelly

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is my second-favorite TV comedy of all times (Curb Your Enthusiasm is first, but Larry David isn’t a fool, he’s smarter than everyone else) and Charlie is a classic character. From his illiteracy to his rat killing to his savant-like musical ability to his invention of Kitten Mittens to his love of dressing up as Greenman, huffing spraypaint, ghouls, and eating milk steak, Charlie is the most lovable idiot to ever appear on the idiot box.

Favorite quote:

Charlie talks shit to Dennis before a dance-off: “Let me tell you a little lesson, buddy. The cream always rises to the top. And I’m about to show you the white, hot cream of an eighth-grade boy.”



Mike Schank

Mike is the best friend of Mark Borchardt, the subject of the greatest documentary of all time: American Movie. I guess you’d classify Mike as a stoner, too, but he’s a recovered addict who seems so innocent in his thinking it’s impossible not to love him and smile at his scatterbrained tomfoolery.

Favorite quote: “Here is what it think of lottery… It’s like, when you play the lottery, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose… But it better than using drugs or alcohol – Because when you use drugs and alcohol, especially drugs, you always lose.”



Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Despite what the nickname would lead you to believe, Bobby was less of a brain and more of a guy who was always stumbling into bad situations. But he was a heel, after all, and that was his job. But he was hands down my favorite character in wrestling growing up. Some kids were Hulkamaniacs, or Ultimate Warridorks, but I was a Bobby the Brain kid. I always found him funny, with all of the politically incorrect opinions he would spew unfiltered about the various babyface wrestlers, to his conversations with Gorilla Monsoon in which Gorilla would always make him look like a fool, to his physical comedy taking bumps from much bigger wrestlers, Heenan was the best.

Favorite quote:

Gorilla is talking about the last match, and Bobby is on the banana phone with someone, trying to get advance tickets to Wrestlemania VII, and one listens carefully and hears, in rapid succession: “That’s right, tickets are going on sale” “Well don’t get smart with me, I’ll slap you in the mouth” “Do you want me to knock ya down?” and as they pan off to an ad, “I’ll talk to you later mom”


Many thanks, Brian! Another great one here. Frank Drebin appears to be the man. Got something else for you guys tomorrow! C’mon back to see! 🙂


19 thoughts on “April Fools 2014: Hard Ticket to Home Video

  1. Absolutely love your Heenan pick! What a character – his numerous attempts to gain entry into the Manhattan Center for RAW by way of dawning various disguises will always be hilarious. Great work sir!


  2. I’ve never agreed so much with a list in my life! Although I prefer the dick-towel to the kitten mitten. And Bobby the Brain is a legend, so much better than shitty Jerry Lawler. And everyone should watch American Movie

  3. What a pleasant surprise! I love Bobby “The Brain” (or Weasel as he was sometimes called) Heenan. Jesse “The Body” Ventura did a great job with Gorilla Monsoon. But, nothing beats the chemistry that Gorilla and “The Brain” had. He was hysterical too.

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