April Fools 2014: JJames Reviews


Hey, folks! It’s almost the weekend! Why not kick it off with a few idiots? Lovable film idiots, that is. Josh of JJames Reviews is here to share his own list of April Fools for our reading enjoyment. Hailing from a thorough, intelligent film review blog (that you should definitely follow), Josh wisely chose to narrow the large scope to his favorite film fools of last year alone. Who made the cut? Read on to see! 🙂


2013’s Top Five Dunces


5. Burt Wonderstone – The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

 burt wonderstone

Despite a veneer of competence and intellect, Burt Wonderstone is socially clueless and foolishly arrogant, thinking himself the greatest living creature. In conjunction with his womanizing ways, Burt’s misguided self-perception should make him unlikable. But it never does, because, no matter his stupidity, he is funny. While the film itself is imperfect, I can’t help liking Steve Carell’s character.


4. Miss Elizabeth Charming – Austenland

elizabeth charming

Played with exaggerated aplomb by Jennifer Coolidge, whom I normally dislike, Elizabeth is sweet and misguided, not obsessed with Jane Austen, like the other guests of Austenland, but rather desperate for social connection, of any kind, no matter its nature. Courtesy of clingy physical contact and constant sexual innuendo, she is socially inept. But, of course, that makes her funny. That Elizabeth is one of Austenland’s primary thematic tools makes her all the more memorable.


3. Dogberry – Much Ado About Nothing


Though Joss Whedon’s adaptation loses Dogberry’s thematic essence, the character is still lovable. He’s a classic fool, informed but incapable of intelligent communication. And also sensitive to insult, a fact that makes him Much Ado’s funniest, and most memorable character.


2. Jackson Smith-Dungy – Family Weekend

jackson smith

Jackson qualifies for this list, because he isn’t very bright. After all, it takes a special kind of stupidity to help your sister kidnap your parents, just to film strange events. Then there is this fact: the young man is so starved for parental affection that he pretends he’s homosexual, hoping to make his father notice him.  This is the sort of youngster who needs an adult’s concern.


1. James Franco in This Is the End

james franco

The most lovable dunce from 2013? James Franco playing an exaggerated version of himself. Franco’s alter ego is self-absorbed and self-righteous even while being oddly obsessed with Seth Rogen. The first reason I love this character: Franco’s performance is the movie’s best and most hilarious. And the second? I admire the way the actor acknowledges and exaggerates public perception of his personality.


Thanks so much, Josh, for adding a superb list to this series! I am continually impressed by just how many lovable idiots everyone keeps finding. More to come tomorrow! But for now, you crazy kids have yourselves a fantastic weekend! Maybe even let loose, have a few margaritas, and act like lovable idiots yourselves! I won’t judge. 😉


29 thoughts on “April Fools 2014: JJames Reviews

      • Family Weekend is the movie I like most, out of all of those that appear on this list. It makes some significant missteps in developing important secondary characters, but its leads are complicated individuals for whom we can cheer with whom we empathize. Plus, it’s quite funny and touching at the same time. It’s even streamed on Netflix, which makes it easily accesible. If you’re going to see any of them, I’d see it. 🙂

  1. Great list Josh! I must say I haven’t seen anything on here (I know), but great descriptions you have going! They sound like real dunces!

    • Thanks. I think you’d be most likely to enjoy Austenland, followed by Family Weekend. Maybe Burt Wonderstone, too, as long as you are willing to set your thinking cap aside before it starts. Ditto that for This Is the End. 🙂

    • Franco tends to be pretty hit and miss for me. I think him brilliant in some movies (like This Is the End) and terrible in others (like the Spiderman movies).

      Carell always a knack for making himself look the part, doesn’t he?

  2. Nice picks, Josh! Okay… I’ve only seen This Is The End. ; ) But good choice! He was great in that. Liked him more in that than in anything else he’s done, I think!

    • For my money . . . it’s probably a toss up between This Is the End, Pineapple Express and, oddly (given he’s only in it for five minutes), The Iceman. While I hate the film, Franco is also very good in Spring Breakers.

    • Sorry for the late reply, Anna. Just finally remembered to check back for extra comments. 🙂

      This Is the End is quite funny. Is it your kind of movie? Honestly, I’m not sure, which is why I think you should see it. I’d like to find out what you think. 🙂

  3. Nice work dude, I like the #1 pick the most. And very good selection with Dogberry there, I agree he was the movie’s most hilarious and memorable character. Great work from Nathan Fillion

    • Hey, Melissa. Sorry for the late reply – just finally remembered to check back on this page. Oz could have qualified, if he were more lovable. But I didn’t think Franco’s performance of that character very good; nor did I think the character all that well developed.

      Did you like Oz?

      • I hated OZ!!!! It was performance was horrible, I just kept thinking why am I still watching this? I would have qualified for a fool as an actor for just acting like complete crap in that flick. It’s unfortunate because I think he still has some growing to do as an actor.

        • Okay. Then we totally agree on Oz. Such a bad movie with an even worse central performance.

          And I agree that’s a shame. Franco can be brilliant – see Pineapple Express, his turn as James Dean, This Is the End and his cameos in The Iceman or Lovelace.

          I don’t know where that versatility goes when he does things like Oz. But it sure goes somewhere …

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