Top Ten Film Moments That Haunt Me: Silver Screen Serenade

So, as usual, Zoe has been up to awesome things over at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger. Right now she’s been posting really fun movie-themed top ten lists, and when she sent out requests, I couldn’t pass up the chance to write one. My list? Top Ten Film Moments That Haunt Me. Go check it out–if you dare… 😉

The Sporadic Chronicles

So Cara from Silver Screen Serenade went with something slightly different for her top ten list today. Cara has an awesome blog that features a whole lot of stuff and a really cool review layout, and hosted the Resolutions 2014 blogathon earlier this year which was a cool thing to get involved in and get up, be productive and watch those movies you have been putting off for such a long time! Also, she is the winner of Shitfest: Winter (2014)! Definitely worth looking into and a lot of fun, I now move over to give you Cara’s top ten!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!

silver screen serenade

Top 10 Film Moments That Haunt…

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Film Moments That Haunt Me: Silver Screen Serenade

    • Drakulus! You live! Lol. No worries, buddy–I totally understand. I’ve been terrible about keeping up with everyone lately…Anyway, glad you’re back and glad you enjoyed the list! 🙂

      • I really enjoyed the list. I can completely understand about not keeping up with everyone. My son is getting his first tooth and it’s been really hard because he doesn’t sleep at all anymore. I try to read what I can when I can and that sucks because I love reading your blog :]. Anyways, I’ll try to be more active from now on.

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