Premiere Particulars: Hannibal

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As this is my THIRD post this week addressing him in some fashion, I am officially declaring this Mads Mikkelsen week on Silver Screen Serenade. I realize it’s a bit of a late declaration, but it’s not too late to celebrate! Go watch something with Mads in it. Bake cookies with Mads’ face on them. Attempt your best Mads accent and talk like that all day. Just party as you see fit. Anyway, Mads plays Dr. Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s Hannibal (which you can read my review of here), and last night the show had its season two premiere. Here are the particulars.

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What I liked:

  • The intense opening scene. You see a side of Hannibal that you haven’t really gotten to see that much, and it’s awesome. Plus, the scene sets up for a very interesting season finale. That’s right—the premiere ties in with the end of the season. Like, woah.
  • Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy, who plays poor, incarcerated FBI profiler Will Graham, continue to have great chemistry. The relationship between these two characters is both well-written and well-performed.
  • The role reversal. In the film (and book) Red Dragon, Will is out in the field investigating murders while Hannibal is consulted behind bars. This episode completely swaps their roles. Here, Hannibal steps into Will’s shoes by investigating several murders while Will is brought case information by an FBI agent seeking his insight. It’s a pretty fascinating twist, and it sets up lots of juicy possibilities for the season. I mean, Hannibal working for the FBI? Dangerous stuff…
  • The hypnotism scene. There’s a really cool (albeit pretty weird) sequence in which Will’s colleague, Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas), tries to help him recover his lost memories by hypnotizing him. Very trippy, but mesmerizing.
  • Two quotes struck me: 1) Will’s former FBI boss Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) comes to Hannibal’s house for dinner and tells him he feels guilty eating such beautifully prepared food. Hannibal says, “I never feel guilty eating anything.” HA. 2) Alana visits Will and comments on his memory. Will says, “Memories are all I have.” It vaguely reminded me of something Hannibal says in The Silence of the Lambs. I looked it up and, sure enough, he says this: “Memory, Agent Starling, is what I have instead of a view.” I don’t know if Will’s quote is an intentional nod, but I thought it was cool.
  • Hannibal’s chats with his psychiatrist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson). Not only is it fun to see Hannibal as the patient, but he and Bedelia clearly have an interesting rapport. It’s a relationship that I think may play a more important role this season, and I can’t wait for that.

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What I didn’t like:

  • The grossness continues. Given the nature of the show, nasty stuff is inevitable, but I don’t recommend eating during this episode. If the bodies don’t get you, then this might: at one point, a tube is shoved down someone’s throat, and what goes inside that tube is…well, not appetizing. Ick.
  • Your heart will break for Winston the doggie.
  • The ending is pretty twisted. By that, I mean it’s done in a very effective, creepy way, but it’s also fairly disturbing, so keep that in mind before you let any young ‘uns check it out. Frankly, that’s something I’d say about the show in general…
  • Here’s my only serious concern: I missed Will in this episode. He’s still a main character, of course, but the focus seems to shift more toward Hannibal. Given that Hannibal is the title character, it’s to be expected that we spend a fair share of time with him, and I’m okay with that because he’s a great character. However, I grew so attached to Will last season that I’m worried about how much—or, rather, how little—he’ll get to do while in prison. That said, I’m keeping my faith in the writers. I’m sure they have plenty planned for poor old Will.

The Potential: Once again, Hannibal is laying the groundwork for an awesome run. There’s already quite a bit going on, and we even have a teaser for the end of the season, which looks to be very exciting. Like last season, the characters are well-written and well-performed, the story is gripping, and the visuals are stunning (though often disturbing). This, my friends, is why Hannibal is one of my favorite shows on television. I highly recommend it…for grown-ups, anyway. 😉

My Grade: A

Happy March, everyone! Know what that means? You officially have 31 days to send me your list for April Fools! Astoundingly, I have already received two (you know who you are, and you are awesome)! Both have completely different answers. I think it’s gonna be a great series, kiddos. Send your list to any time. Also, I am accepting banners for this series, so if you have one, send that, too. Anyway, no rush, but I just wanted to share. Hope your weekend is splendid! 🙂

34 thoughts on “Premiere Particulars: Hannibal

  1. I was a little unsure of the first season, but after that premiere, I have been converted. It was chilling, yet beautiful at the same time. Hugh Dancy and Mikkelsen are terrific here.

  2. caragale- Silence Of The Lambs is one of my all time favorite movies. The movie was released in 1991 and (I’ve only watched some episodes of the TV adaptation) it is interesting to me that the cable TV version is so much more graphic. Maybe it’s a statement on how desensitized we’ve become almost a quarter of a century later.

    And then I imagine if Edgar Allan Poe were able to view all of this he might well respond with “Meh.”

    • Yeah it is much more violent than Silence of the Lambs, isn’t it? Still, the show is done well enough that I’m able to get past all that, and I’m a wuss when it comes to gore. And I’m pretty sure I would give anything to hear Edgar Allan Poe respond to Hannibal with “meh.” Or, really, to hear Edgar Allan Poe say anything. Hahaha.

  3. Damn you Cara! I can’t be seeing pics like that opening poster at work! I just wanted to escape and start Hannibal NOW. What a freaking gorgeous poster! GOOSEBUMPS.

    Plus two, I can’t read this now cause I want to be surprised, but knowing what you look for and all I am sure it is bloody epic, and it seems you are in agreement that it is setting itself a nice little season up!

    Nothing wrong with having a Mikkelsen week, he is AMAZING!

    • Hahaha sorry, Zoe!!! I did avoid major spoilers, but if you want to be completely surprised then yeah–don’t read! I’ll only say this: I think you’re really gonna like the first episode. 🙂 Let’s make EVERY week Mikkelsen week!!!

      • I didn’t, I brief read some points and then realised I just couldn’t do it now! Ooooooooh I wanna know! LOL! It would be a good week every week!

  4. I am liking this show so far, they way they have set it up, very interested to see how it will play out. I really like the feel of the show, creepy, weird and a little scary. Hands down my fave actor on show is Mads, he really makes the show.

    Do you watch Homeland? I always think about how Carrie and Will are married to each other in real life and on tv both play crazy peeps… imagine them at home acting out their scenes. haha

  5. Very late reading of your post as it’s only just been shown in the UK. That episode was so good and yet so distrubing. So basically your average Hannibal episode 😉 Lots of things were brilliant in this episode-Hugh Dancy is so good and I feel so sorry for Will. But that ending freaked me out so much! If I was more of a scaredy cat I would give up now but luckily I’m too hooked to stop watching the show. Great review Cara.

    • Thanks, Lauren! Glad to hear you enjoy this show, too! I thought the premiere was fantastic, and I especially like the little tease for the end of the season…that end is fast approaching here, and I’m very anxious to see how we wind up there! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the season!

  6. Read this again having seen this episode. Very true what you say. I could have done with a recap though. Seems so long since I saw the end of the first series.

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