The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is here!

So I tried to post this last night, but apparently WordPress hates me (I tried at least three times in a row–each time it told me something was posted, but it never was…does that ever happen to anyone else?). Anyway, because I was incredibly curious about it, I tuned in to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to catch the first official trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. How is it? Well…quite strange. Haha. But also pretty interesting. Plus, I can tell it’s going to have that nice streak of humor that Marvel films do so well. What do you think of this first trailer? Is your interest peaked or is it a little too weird for you? Regardless, with a release date of August 1st, we have a long wait ahead of us…

8 thoughts on “The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is here!

    • I’m looking at his IMDb page right now, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything he’s directed…but I do see he wrote Dawn of the Dead, and I enjoyed that! Lol.

      • I saw the first ever film he wrote, ‘Tromeo and Juliet,’ certainly not for everyone, but he’s come a long way from there! I love ‘SLiTHER’ too, which Gunn wrote and directed, it’s one of this era’s best horror/comedy films.

  1. YouTube doesn’t work any more where I’m at right now so I’ll have to check it out later…

    WordPress has been having all sorts of problems lately…

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