April Fools: a potential blog series

april fools dog

Hmm. That title doesn’t make things very clear, does it? No, I’m not joking around about an upcoming blog series. I actually want to start a series in April called April Fools, and I would love your participation!

Here’s what I had in mind: I would like to have people compile lists of their top 5 most lovable idiots from film and/or television. It’s a type of character you’ll find all over the place, so I think there ought to be a pretty wide range of answers. You can keep your list general, covering characters from all film and television, or you can make it more specific, covering just film, just television, just a certain genre, etc. Totally up to you. Other than that, I’d like a little description of each character, what makes them a lovable idiot, maybe a favorite quote from them, and a picture or a video clip.

I know this is looking pretty far ahead to the future since we’re only halfway through February, but I had this idea last night and I was anxious to put out feelers for it. So what do you think? Is it the kind of series you’d be interested in? Let me know by commenting or sending me an email (cs227@evansville.edu)!

53 thoughts on “April Fools: a potential blog series

  1. I’m in if you would like me. I have a lot of lovable idiots that I would love to talk about. One of my favorite characters in film and television is the idiot sevant.

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