Resolutions 2014: Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction

Wow. A little over a month of film resolutions and here we are at the very last review for Resolutions 2014. It’s okay, guys—don’t cry. It isn’t goodbye; it’s see you later. See this series later, that is. Not me. For better or worse, I’ll be sticking around to blather away. Pinky promise. 😉

As for my last film resolution, it’s high time I got around to reviewing this one. After all, it is the film I cited when I first introduced the idea of this series. I’ve been putting it off, I think, because I was convinced I wouldn’t like it for some reason. And you know what? I was wrong. I liked it! I can’t say that I’m in a rush to watch it again (it’s a daunting two-and-a-half hours, and it’s pretty bizarre), but it was quite an experience. Anyway, here’s my take on Pulp Fiction!

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Synopsis: “The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster’s wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.” –


What I liked:

  • Samuel L. Jackson. He’s awesome in basically everything I’ve seen him in, but this is one of his best roles by far. As thoughtful hit man Jules, he’s funny, clever, and surprisingly relatable. Plus, he has the best lines.
  • Uma Thurman. To be honest, I haven’t really seen Thurman much (I haven’t even seen either of the Kill Bill films all the way through), but she’s great in this. She plays Mia, a coke-snorting gangster’s wife, but she’s weirdly charming and definitely one of the most interesting characters.
  • Bruce Willis. As boxing champ Butch, he’s his usual tough-guy character, sure, but there’s definitely more depth here. He shows a softer side with his girlfriend, he has a downright scary temper tantrum, and he redeems previous bad behavior with a heroic deed. Great character.
  • The dialogue. For a very bizarre film, it actually has pretty believable dialogue, and I love that aspect. It brings a degree of realism to everything—if only a tiny degree. Haha.
  • The adrenaline shot scene. I knew what was coming because I’d come across the scene before, but I was tense the whole time. One of the best moments of the film.
  • The soundtrack. In a word, it’s awesome. Particularly the main theme, which I could jam to all the time (I have a version of it by 2Cellos on my iPod).
  • The concept. It’s very cool and clever. Frankly, I think Quentin Tarantino is one of the few directors who can throw in so many crazy elements and still pull a film off.


What I didn’t like:

  • The dialogue. Yes, I listed this as a good thing, too, but sometimes it drags on and on whenever you just want something to happen already.
  • John Travolta. As hit man Vince, I expected Travolta to be much more impressive, especially given that he was nominated for multiple awards. For whatever reason, he was mostly “meh” to me (aside from the dance scene, of course). Maybe he simply pales in comparison to Jackson. Maybe I don’t buy him as a hit man. Or maybe I’m just not a Travolta fan.
  • Quentin Tarantino’s cameo. I think it’s fun when directors make cameos in their films, but Tarantino actually plays a fairly significant role in this, and…well, he’s no actor. It’s not a bad cameo, per se, but I think it feels kind of forced.
  • That scene with the rednecks and the gimp. It’s weirdly, darkly funny and interesting, but it’s also THE definition of a wtf moment. Like, seriously, whaaaaat?
  • The abrupt ending. The credits started rolling and all I could do was keep staring at the screen. I understand why it ends that way (it’s certainly not the kind of film you can wrap up in a neat little bow), but it left me kind of puzzled and not entirely satisfied.

A Worthy Resolution? Absolutely. Pulp Fiction is bizarre, violent, and filled with characters you probably shouldn’t like…but it’s also a ton of fun, very interesting, and one of the most unique films I’ve ever watched. Sure, it tends to drag sometimes, but the movie as a whole makes up for these moments. As I said, I’m not exactly in a hurry to watch it again (to me, it’s not one of those you can watch over and over), but I can easily see why this is Tarantino’s masterpiece.

My Grade: A-

That’s a wrap! Thanks for sticking with this series, kiddos! It’s been very fun, and I appreciate all of you for reading. And I especially appreciate all of you who participated! You’ve made my job easy! In order of earliest appearance, I would like to thank: Eric, Rob (for all FIVE of his posts!), Zoë, JJames, Thomas, Mikey, V, Chris, Abbi, Luke, Drakulus, Table 9 Mutant, Thy Critic Man, Alex, and Brian. You all brought something excellent to this series, and I ❤ you for it. Group hug!!

Not sure exactly what’s on the horizon as far as a new series. I’m trying to come up with something as cool as this and failing miserably so far. Haha. I will keep you posted. And if you have any brilliant ideas, I am all ears. As for this week, expect reviews of possibly two new movies, hopefully a post to catch up on a few awards, maybe a post or two on some TV stuff, and…well, who the heck knows what else? Have a great day, you awesome people! 😀

49 thoughts on “Resolutions 2014: Pulp Fiction

  1. This is one of my favorite movies and you give a great review. When I first saw this movie I didn’t think the adrenaline shot scene was very memorable, especially considering everything else that happens. But now I find myself quoting and referencing that scene more than any others. It has stuck with me for a lot longer, even longer than the gimp scene which stood out so much more on the first viewing.

    Great work with this series, I loved reading all the reviews!

  2. Excellent review Cara (Can’t believe you never saw this one b4)

    This is my second favorite QT film, Reservoir Dogs (1992) will always be top dog!!

    Thanks again for hosting such an amazing series and getting me off my butt to watch 5 resolution movie. You are totally AWESOME!

    • Well there’s another one for me–never seen Reservoir Dogs either!! Haha. It has been a thrill to host this series, and I’m very happy it provided you with so much motivation! You and the other guest bloggers have been simply STELLAR! 😀

  3. THANK YOU CARA!!!!!!

    HMMM – for you next series you should challenge your readers to do a review of something without using the letter “e”.

  4. Sam Jackson is really good in this, one of this best roles ever. The rednecks and the gimp scene is weird, disturbing, but it worked for me. Pulp Fiction is a excellent movie to cap off your Resolutions series. Great review!

  5. I have to disagree with the dialogue goes on and on and you are just waiting for something to happen. I think it’s the opposite! I wanted the dialogue not to end and the action just added to this amazing, unbelievably written film! Travolta was perfect and the scene with Tarantino is one of the best in the film. Especially when he talks about his coffee. Tarantino plays that character like that on purpose. I don’t see where it was forced. Other than that, I will agree, Tarantino is not a great actor but he always brings a great comic relief to crazy, violent scenes. That’s what makes him such a genius filmmaker!

  6. Nice review! And I’m glad you enjoyed this one. : ) (Reservoir Dogs is better, though). ; ) I’m asking for guest reviews for a new thing on my blog should you have any interest. I’d LOVE a review from one of my favorite bloggers! But you don’t have to, of course. No deadline, though! : )

  7. Wonderful choice to wrap things up Cara, this is a solid film but I am also not insanely wild about it either, though I love Tarantino’s unique style. He’s a standout in the industry for sure but I might have to call Django my personal favorite. That might just be because it was recent, though. lol

    • Thanks, Tom! Yeah, I was trying to decide if I preferred this over Django or not. I need to watch it again so I can decide. Both are definitely great examples of Tarantino’s style.

  8. Nice review! We have very similar opinions on the film. I came to Pulp Fiction late too, and at the determined will of a friend of mine. Loving your blog!

  9. Excellent review lady, and I am THRILLED that you enjoyed it. I love Pulp Fiction, and I love Tarantino. Gotta say, Travolta didn’t work on my nerves, I had a lot of fun with this movie as well as the characters. Your WTF moment, really one of the most bizarre scenes in movie history!

  10. I actually watched this film in school years ago. I think it was in philosophy class, but yeah, loved it. Such a fine film, and Jackson was so good back than. Straight charisma as opposed to the phoned in roles he does sometimes these days.

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  12. hey cara; just seeing this now. great review. you def. have to join my royalwithcheeseathon: no rush as it’s gonna go on and on and on. and congrats on your 1 Year Blogiversary!

    • Thanks, Niall! Yes, as soon as things calm down here and I get a few other guest review things done, I will brainstorm and send something your way. 🙂

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