So I dropped by the epically awesome IPC to have my say about a terrible film. Warning: it is a foul-mouthed tirade that is not at all like my usual reviews. Read if you dare…

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Greetings, kind and beautiful Shitfest readers! So things are going to be a little different today. First of all, in case the hunky man in the banner didn’t tip you off, let’s make something clear: I am not Eric Isaacs of The IPC. My name is Cara, and I run a little blog called Silver Screen Serenade, if you’d like to hop on over and check that out (cough cough shameless self-promotion hack hack ahem). Mr. Isaacs is actually tied up in my basement, pitifully crying for help–errrrrm. I mean, he’s at some ComiCon thingy playing Dungeons and Dragons or LARPing or whatever it is nerds do…Kidding, Eric. 😉 Hope you’re having a blast! Anyway, Eric has been stupidnaïve generous enough to turn his blog over to me for a day so that I may tend to comments and the like. I’m definitely not going to take advantage of…

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