Resolutions 2014: City of God

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Good day, friends! Hope your weekend has been simply grand so far! While I am struggling to write about my most recent film for Resolutions 2014 (warning: this one turned out to be another Taxi Driver for me), the lovely Miss Table 9 Mutant is here to save the day with a film resolution of her own! You probably already follow T9M’s blog, Cinema Parrot Disco, but just in case you don’t, definitely change that! Lots of great reviews of old and new films. It’s pretty awesome. And so is this review! Here’s T9M’s take on City of God!

City Of God (2002)

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)

City of God (Portuguese: Cidade de Deus) is a 2002 Brazilian crime drama film adapted by Bráulio Mantovani from the 1997 novel of the same name written by Paulo Lins, but the plot is loosely based on real events. It depicts the growth of organized crime in the Cidade de Deus suburb of Rio de Janeiro, between the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1980s, with the closure of the film depicting the war between the drug dealer Li’l Zé and criminal Knockout Ned. The tagline is “If you run, the beast catches; if you stay, the beast eats”, (a proverb analogous to the English “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”).

(FYI: It’s like the Boyz N The Hood of Rio de Janeiro)

city of god 1

My Opinion:

I’d been curious about this movie for a long time as it’s SO high in the IMDB Top 250 films of all-time (it’s currently number 21). I’ve been working my way through the 250 for the past year as I have a challenge to try to watch them all and this is the second highest ranking film I’d not yet seen. So Cara’s Resolutions blogathon has finally forced me to check it out! 🙂

Hmmm. It’s good, yes. I liked it. Does it deserve to be above things like Once Upon A Time In The West & It’s A Wonderful Life? I’m not sure about that. It’s definitely a fascinating look at a lifestyle that I (luckily) can’t really relate to as someone from a very small town in the American Midwest. I know this is “loosely based on real events” but haven’t looked into it enough to know what is fact and what isn’t. Either way, it’s awful knowing that people have had to live this way and terrifying to see the ease with which some of the characters in this engage in violent activity and don’t think twice about taking someone’s life.

city of god 2

I will say that I can partly see why this film is so popular, even though it’s not really MY kind of thing. There are some great characters in this. The lead & narrator, Rocket (above), is the one truly “good guy” in a film filled with people who seem to have no conscience and you really do want the best for him. His friend Benny is very cool – he’s the guy everyone likes and he helps to keep the peace a bit between the two main rival gangs who are controlling the area. I love that this takes place during the late 60s into the early 80s & Benny adopts a groovy 70’s look. Then there’s Knockout Ned, a great character I’d love to have seen be a bit further developed (although he’s more well-developed than most of the characters in this) and the truly amoral Li’l Zé, who is the most powerful criminal in the area.

city of god 3

What’s amazing is I read that only one person in this was a professional experienced actor and the majority were people from “favelas” (shanty towns) and some from the actual City Of God who were chosen and then trained in acting as the director wanted the film to feel authentic. I’ll say that it definitely worked and the “actors” in this did an excellent job. I felt bad after giving Slumdog Millionaire a horrible review & then finding out some of those in it were from real-life slums (turns out it was the kids, who were the ONLY good thing about that film anyway). Fortunately, City Of God is a much better film than Slumdog Millionaire and feels very real whereas Millionaire felt like it was trying too hard and just felt phoney to me (sorry, fans!).

city of god 4

I’ve just scratched the surface on the characters as there are LOTS of them in this film but those are some of the main ones & the most memorable. But as there are so many, we unfortunately don’t get as much character development as I’d like to have had. Why do they do the things that they do? I suppose it’s because they don’t have much other choice. But then why does Rocket manage to remain a “good guy”? We’re given a reason for Knockout Ned making the choices he makes but not really for why Li’l Zé is so evil. But, as I’ve said, it really isn’t a lifestyle I have any sort of experience with so I can’t comment on it too much. As I said above, this really is Boyz N The Hood set in Rio de Janeiro. I think that’s a great film as well but, again, couldn’t fully relate to it. But both films are certainly worth a watch to gain at least a small understanding of what it’s like for those who have no choice but to live a life surrounded by poverty and/or violence and to be grateful for the lives so many of us are fortunate to have outside of that.

city of god 5

Was City Of God a worthy resolution? Yes – I’m glad I finally watched it. It won’t become an all-time favorite of mine like some of the IMDB Top 250 films I’ve watched in the last year already have but I’d recommend it to anyone who thinks that it sounds like their sort of film. The performances are very good & the movie isn’t preachy – it just shows us the poor & violent lives led by those living in & around the City Of God from the late 60s to the early 80s.

My Rating: 8/10

Thanks, Miss Mutant, for a fantastic contribution! I’ve seen this film around and always thought it looked interesting. Now I might have to check it out! Hopefully I’ll have my own resolution for you all tomorrow, but if not…well, I’ll do it eventually. Hahaha.

44 thoughts on “Resolutions 2014: City of God

  1. Great review. And agreed. On every point. As a message film, this is very good. But pulling back on the number of characters might have helped developed some of them better, which would have helped the flick.

    I saw this upon its release and then mostly forgot about it. I’m actually surprised IMDB has so high in their top 250; I thought it was very good. But not quite THAT good.

    • Thanks! Glad we agree on this one. 🙂 Yes, it’s surprising it’s in the Top 250 but it deserves it more than all the really current stuff that keeps going into the 250 just because so many people are giving them high ratings. IMDB needs to use a different formula. I think 21 is definitely too high but it’s a very good film. 🙂

  2. Great review T9M, you’ve actually gotten me interested in checking this out soon too. The subtitles have scared me, but maybe I’ll give it a try too (since it is sooo high on the IMDB top 250)

    Cara, the point of resolutions is to push them off, so you’re doing well in that department 🙂

      • finally saw this Mutant. Liked it a lot. You review makes more sense to me now 🙂

        I agree that the characters weren’t fleshed out enough, but I wonder if things were explained better in the book.

        Most of the characters were essential, so I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to decide who to eliminate.

        Thanks for the recommendation (eventhough it took me 4 months).

        I’m gonna have to rewatch BITHood one of these days, but this one is more powerful IMHO

      • yep, especially since I’ve dedicated this month to (pretty-much) only watching new movies, so there will be quite a few resolutions in it.

        Cant wait to see Das Boot (1981), Rear Window (1954), Heaven’s Gate (1980), Coming Home (1976), Broken Flowers (2005) and lots more 🙂

        • I don’t know how you do it, my friend. I mean, I love movies, but every now and then I need to come up for air…hahaha.

  3. It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen this but I remember being really affected by it and this is a great review. I think I need to rewatch it.

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    This actually sounds kind of good for some reason…. MAYBE I’ll watch it some day…. MAYBE

    Good work, ladies!! Have good weekends!!

    *goes in for a hug

    *gets slapped

    • I don’t know, dude… I don’t want you to go into a coma if you watch this. ; ) Have you seen Boyz N The Hood? City of God does have violence, which is your thing. But actually doesn’t show much gore or blood, which is good for me! And there’s a weird sex thing with a banana. Wtf? Forgot to mention that in my review! I put that bit out of my mind…

      Man, you’re touchy feely!

  6. This actually sounds really interesting. Never watched it, or even heard of it in all honesty. The part that stood out to me was that they were not even real actors. Impressive that something so good was created out of it.

    • I recommend this one, then. Would love to know your thoughts if you see it. : ) They all did a very impressive job in this film! The director definitely did the right thing by not just hiring a bunch of actors who hadn’t lived this sort of life.

  7. This film was a knockout to me, I really LOVED it. And it affected me in a really deep way I still can’t articulate all the way. Interesting review, cuz it’s not usually my type of movie either. But I loved it.

    Interesting what you’ve said about Slumdog, that one’s on my list.

    By the way, it’s great you read the extras about the films. Pretty cool info.

    • Thanks. : ) I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this film before seeing it but I’m very glad I did. A very worthy film, especially when I found out that the majority of those in the film weren’t professional actors. Great performances. : )

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