Resolutions 2014: Carrie (2013)

carrie drakulus

So if you’ve been paying attention to Resolutions 2014, you may be thinking, “Wait a hot second–haven’t we discussed Carrie already?” The answer is yes…but no. Haha. Last week, Mikey from Screenkicker discussed the original Carrie (read his write-up here), but now we get to hear about a different version. The awesome Mr. Drakulus, who runs a blog that dabbles in gaming, movies, TV, sports, and more, decided to check into last year’s Carrie remake for his film resolution. If you haven’t already perused his blog, please do so because it’s pretty darn great! Anywho, here’s Drakulus and his resolution!

When I first saw the trailer to Carrie back in September of last year, I was highly skeptical of the movie. I didn’t like the first Carrie. Many people consider it a cult classic while I just consider it your average scary movie. I actually don’t remember much about the original Carrie, but I have seen some really terrible remakes over the years. This is one of them at times, but at the same time I also enjoyed this movie a little bit.

Everyone by now knows the story of Carrie so I’m not going to tell it to you. Instead I’m going to list the things that are different about this installment of Carrie. Carrie is your typical shy girl in school that everyone makes fun of just for the hell of it, and she has no friends.

One thing I liked about this movie right off the bat was the fact that it takes place in more modern times. I think the movie is better because of that, but as with all movies like this you can expect crappy acting from just about everyone. Julianne Moore plays the role of Carrie’s psychotic mother and I’ll give her credit she did an awesome job at it.

Carrie is played by Chloe Moretz, and she also did a pretty damn good job at playing her role. Everyone else was just filler. Nothing about this movie will surprise you. You know exactly what’s going to happen, and it’s not like the trailer tried to hide anything from any of us because it literally showed the whole movie in a two-minute trailer.

carrie drakulus 2

I think the biggest problem about this film is that it’s just more of the same. There’s nothing innovative here.

I wish the director would have taken some chances to really make this Carrie movie her own, but instead I feel as if she played it safe. I did enjoy this movie, but at the same time I wanted to see something more, and I didn’t get that with this movie. Instead, all I saw was your typical grown ass men and women playing teenagers. This is your typical “horror” movie and the ending to the movie was probably the worst ending of 2013. It was terrible and had me scratching my head for a good hour after the film finished.

My final verdict for Carrie Is a 5/10. I could have bumped this up to a 6 if the ending didn’t suck so bad and there was more originality in the film. Thanks for letting me be a part of your Resolutions, and I hope I get the chance do this again.

Thank YOU, Drakulus! I’m thrilled that you decided to take part, though I’m sorry you didn’t love this one (I didn’t love this version of Carrie either). Another guest tomorrow, and hopefully something from me after that–maybe even a couple things since I’m seeing a new movie tonight! Stay tuned! 😉

23 thoughts on “Resolutions 2014: Carrie (2013)

  1. I just watched this the other day and, while I didn’t love it – it was a shitpot better than I expected. Good work!!

    Captain Caramerica – I don’t know why but I feel obligated to tell you that I am watching In Bruges.

  2. Seemed like another Hollywood remake we’re always thrown every so often. It rarely ever works, and sometimes, even ruins the legacy of the original. Good review.

  3. You are right sir! The main problem was lacking any sort of originality. If you watched the only ones, it renders this one quite boring. I hated sitting down knowing what and when everything was going to happen.

  4. Stop remaking classic horror films and then we won’t have to complain that the person didn’t make it their own. Why can’t they just leave the classics alone!!!!

  5. Great review! I still intend to watch this one, I was not a fan of the original at all. Pity they screwed up the end AGAIN by the sounds of it!

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