The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: an LOTR geek’s dilemma

the hobbit desolation of smaug

This is one I’ve been anxious to see. I might not have spouted about it much on here, but I am a pretty big Lord of the Rings geek. I watch the films over and over, I’ve read the first two books (Return of the King is next on my list), I have this LOTR GameCube game that I’ve beaten about ten times, and I play Lego LOTR on my Wii regularly. Continue reading

12 Films of Christmas 2013: The Santa Clause


Four merry holidays films have made it into my 12 Films of Christmas series, and it’s high time for a fifth.  This particular film is one I’m quite familiar with, as it was pretty much a staple of my childhood. Plus, they show it on TV about 17,864 times throughout this month. It might not be perfect, but I think this film has become a sort of modern classic. Continue reading

12 Films of Christmas 2013: Scrooged


As promised, the 12 Films of Christmas continue! It started on Monday with animated, family-friendly Arthur Christmas, but now we’re diving into one you probably shouldn’t watch with the kids—or at least not the younger tykes. Prior to seeing it for the first time last night, I hadn’t really heard much about it. Though I liked it, I’m not sure it’s for everyone. A darkly comic adaptation of A Christmas Carol, this film is pretty bizarre. Continue reading

The WordPress Family Award!


All the LOVE! It’s wonderful! Yesterday, my blog was nominated for quite possibly my favorite award so far–the WordPress Family Award. I say it’s my favorite because this award is all about letting your WordPress besties know how much you appreciate them. The wonderful Mr. Drakulus nominated me for this, and I’m very touched that he considers me among his blogging family. Continue reading

12 Films of Christmas 2013: Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas

Hello, friends! Now that it’s December, I simply wouldn’t feel right letting the month slip by without discussing a few Christmas films, so I’ve decided to start a series I’m calling the 12 Films of Christmas (because I’m all cute and festive like that). As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’ll be doing 12 reviews of various Christmas films. Most of these are among my favorites, but out of curiosity I threw in a few that I’ve never seen before. Continue reading