6-Month Blogiversary!

6-month blogiversary?! Adorable panda cake for EVERYONE!

6-month blogiversary?! Adorable panda cake for EVERYONE!

My, oh, my–how six months fly! Seriously, I cannot believe it’s been six months since I started Silver Screen Serenade. On June 20th, I was but a wee baby blogger introducing herself to the big ol’ world. And now? Well, now I’m really not much more than a toddler blogger (if even that), but I’d like to believe I’ve learned a thing or two.

Yep. This is me on my blogging quest. You ARE gonna hear me roar.

Yep. This is me on my blogging quest. You’re gonna hear me roar…because that’s the sound I’m making here.

What’s funny about this blog is that it very well may owe its existence to Man of Steel, which I consider to be the most disappointing film of the year. I’d been thinking about starting a film and TV review blog for some time, but somehow it always got put last on my to-do list. The frustration I felt from MOS was the just kick in the butt I needed to get me a-typin’. Now, for better or worse, here we are. 😉


I owe it all to you, buddy.

This was originally going to be something to occupy my spare time and look nice on a resume (and I do still try to keep posts respectable for that very purpose), but it’s become so much more. I’ve found some fantastic blogs here on WordPress, yes, but I’m mainly blown away by the fantastic bloggers. I expected to meet people–I didn’t expect to make so many new friends. That’s right, YOU! You folks are wonderful. You’re brilliant, you’re creative, you’re hilarious, you’re inspirational, and you’re so much more supportive of this silly little blog than I ever expected. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. With you guys hanging around, I’m sure the next six months will be just as magnificent. 🙂

Batman approves.

Batman approves.

Anyway, let’s cut that out before things get mushy. As is apparently tradition among bloggers here on WordPress, I will now share with you a few fun facts/statistics/achievements associated with Silver Screen Serenade. Here goes!

Number of…

Posts: 93

Comments: 1,153 (half of which are mine, I’m sure)

Views: 6,786

Followers: 117

The Popular Kids

Most likes: 12 Films of Christmas: Arthur Christmas

Most comments: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: a dazzling sequel

Most viewed (aside from Home page / Archives): NOOOOvember: a brewing idea (probably because of the graphic)

My Viewers Consist of…

71% American dudes and dudettes

15% British chaps and loves

1.8% Aussie mates and sheilas

1.8% Canadian folks, eh

11.4% Lovely individuals from 70+ other countires (I’m too lazy to do more individual places)

The Search Is On

Most popular search phrase: “lee thompson young commits suicide” (could I GET anymore depressing?)

Second most popular: “disappointment” (YES I CAN GET MORE DEPRESSING)

Searches that made me smile: “david tennant my doctor” (because he apparently belongs to her/him), “minions spoof boyband” (a glorious moment in Despicable Me 2), “american horror story coven too far? wtf” (“wtf” indeed), “quote from super fun night when she says she sings like a one legged angel” (definitely used that quote here…you’re welcome, random Googler), “surprise fox tiger horror movie” (because they should’ve actually shouted “Surprise!” in You’re Next)

Searches I pondered: “the old ghost lady from incideous” (almost spelled right…so close…), “living dead person” (my friend, are you familiar with the term “zombie?”), “get to him” (wait–to who?), “what is the leather jacket that michael socha wears on once upon a time in wonderland” (what is the leather jacket? …a leather jacket), “grand mother witch spook video” (…I’m sorry, why are you here exactly?), “who is the fairy of christmas future in the vill murry movie scroog” (go home, Googler…you’re drunk)

The Trophy Shelf

A lovely Liebster Award

A splendiferous Sunshine Award

A wonderful WordPress Family Award

…Plus, two awards I will do a post on ASAP (thank you, Drakulus–I promise I haven’t forgotten!) and another Sunshine Award from the brilliant Miss V, whose own 6-month blogiversary was just a few days ago. Happy blogiversary week to us!

Well, that’s enough jabbering for one post, don’t you think? Again, thank you all for being so supportive and generally awesome. I am adding my Twitter account to this sidebar business, so if you haven’t already found me on there, feel free to do so! Fair warning: most conversations with my dearest Twitter friends descend into madness. Don’t judge us. We are brilliance and severely lowbrow humor in 140 characters or less.

Any thoughts on the blog? Any type of review you’d like to see more? Any type you’d like to see less? Any type you’d like to set on fire and shove off a 100-story building into the mouth of an angry shark (I’m hoping your answer to this is “nope”)? I am always open for suggestions. 🙂


You all make me happier than this happy dog on his happiest day.

45 thoughts on “6-Month Blogiversary!

  1. Yay! Happy Blogiversary to us! Also, that is such a cute dog pic. Omg. Almost as adorbs as a Pug..! 😮

    Anyway congrats, great post. 😀 I’ll have some of that cake now please.

  2. Can’t believe you’ve amassed more views in six months than I have in almost 9 months! I can’t even see what exactly drives random people to my site due to “Unknown search terms”. Still, congratulations on six months!

    • Panda IS the most nutritious of the bears. Probably. And thanks, buddy! It’s weird–feels like I’ve been on here forever and only a day all at the same time, you know?

  3. Those two most common search topics are hilarious. Oh well. You’re an awesome and perceptive blogger and it’s great you’ve got so many friends out of it. I always get loads out of reading your blog. Speech over (throws cake) Foodfight!

    • Sir, I must humbly disagree. The awesomeness of you and the other amazing folks on here far surpasses that of my own meager awesomeness. Nonetheless, I thank you. 🙂

  4. Congratulations to you! I just started blogging back in August so my six months is coming up pretty soon :]. I really disagree with your opinion on Man of Steel. I loved that movie to death and so far it’s my movie of the year :].

  5. Happy Blogiversary! I don’t think there’s anything you need to improve on but if you can find more clips of Benedict Cumberbatch reading R Kelly lyrics I’ll be a happy lady!

  6. congrats, Ive hit 9 months and you have waay more views than I do and comment galore.

    I only beat you by posts, but the ratio of comments and views to posts makes me a very sad-case blogger 😦

    Haven’t figured out how to up my views and comments yet. Any suggestions are welcome

    • Rob, I’ve been meaning to ask about your blog because I can’t comment on it!! It lets me like your posts, but I think your comments might be disabled or something. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just my computer being weird…Lol.

      As for advice…I don’t know if I have any great tips. Haha. Keep doing what you’re doing as far as posts because I think your format is great! You could try a series and invite guest bloggers if you wanted! That way they share it on their blogs and find out about you! And, of course, you can partake in someone else’s series…*cough Resolutions cough* 😀

      • That’s really weird that you cant comment. I wonder why. Does WordPress have a tech support line? I would love to hear your thoughts on my reviews, so let’s try and find out why this is happening.

        I know the format is great [that’s why I chose it :)] I am the kinda guy who wants to hear a bit about a movie, but not too much in order to help me decide whether to see it or now. I find long reviews only helpful AFTER you’ve already seen the movie, so my goal was to offer short synopsis’s and my non-spoiler opinion of movies that I’ve watched.

        Hard to believe, but I really have watched 432 movies since April. I only review stuff after I’ve seen them 🙂

        I’m definitely in for Resolutions, but my question is are we suppose to choose movie WE haven’t seen or one YOU haven’t seen.

        I wrote a guest post for another site over a month ago, but I guess he has so many people in line, that he hasn’t had a chance to post it yet.

        As for starting a series, as I’m sure you’ve seen, my reviews are very eclectic theme-wise and the only recurrent theme I have used is…Movies, so I’ll have to think about that one.

        Thanks for the advice.

        Sorry for the long comment, this might be longer than some of my reviews 🙂

        • Hmm. I’m not sure about WordPress support. I’m sure there’s an email/phone number somewhere, but (fortunately) I’ve never had to use it before. I would go into your settings first and make sure comments aren’t disabled on there.

          As for Resolutions, it’s movies YOU haven’t seen. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. Lol. I’ll be taking care of the movies I haven’t seen. 🙂 And if you send me something for Resolutions, I promise it will be posted within the month of January. Pinky swear!

          Yeah, think over a series that you might like to start. I had so much fun with my NOOOOvember series that I’m super psyched about Resolutions. 😀

  7. Yay! Happy blogiversarybirthday. 🙂 Can’t believe you’re only six months younger than me! 😉 And here you are, trying to keep your blog posts respectable and then Eric & I come along & ruin all that. Lol. Funny that Man Of Steel was your inspiration – I agree that that was a HUGE disappointment. I was gonna do that for Noooovember! Thank you Man Of Steel – we now have Cara on WordPress thanks to you. I’m glad something good came out of that movie after all! Keep up the great work here. 🙂 And don’t you love the crazy Googlers? I look at those searches every day – they never cease to crack me up!

    • I owe so much to such a disappointing film! I might not know you wonderful people without it! That’s funny that you were thinking about MOS for NOOOOvember. I totally would’ve approved. However, Lockout was also pretty awesome. 😀 And yes, the Googlers are simply grand. I want more interesting search terms though! Mine seem quite tame to the ones I’ve heard. One day. One day I’ll get a fantastic creeper…

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