YAY!!! I recently answered some delightfully silly and hilarious questions from my buddy Mr. Eric Isaacs over at Isaacs Picture Conclusions as part of his Isaacs Interviews series. If you haven’t looked into the series yet, you need to change that because all of them are so funny it should be illegal. Eric and I talked about everything from break room fridges to Jesus to handerpants. Yes, handerpants. You’ll see.

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Here we are again!! Another beautiful interview session, this time with the brilliant and always happy making Cara from SILVER SCREEN SERENADE! I am sure that anyone who looks at this place already looks at hers so it’s probably pointless to say “if you don’t already follow her, please rush out and do just that” but, if you don’t already follow her, please read this piece and then rush out and do just that. SSS is a rockin’ fun place!!!


I humbly THANK everyone who has responded to me asking if you wanted to be involved with this feature from the bottom of my loins!! Wait…. WHAT??? *bows head in shame* But for real, I have everyone who replied “I’m in” written down here and I am just going in a first responded, first served basis.  I PROMISE I’ll be coming your way soon. I don’t like to…

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    • Hahaha yesssss. It’s nice to hear I can still surprise people with weirdness. Complete credit to Eric–without his wonderfully bizarre questions, the interview wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting. Glad to hear you’re in! I look forward to reading! 😀

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