The Sunshine Award!


How exciting! After being nominated for a Liebster Award a while back, my blog has now been picked for a Sunshine Award! A big thank you to my new friend, Alex Raphael, for the nomination. If you haven’t checked out his entertainment, travel, and lifestyle blog, be sure to go have a look! He’s got some truly awesome stuff over there. 🙂

The requirements for this award are pretty simple: 1) I must share 10 facts about myself. 2) I must share the love by nominating 10 fantastic bloggers for the Sunshine Award as well.

On with the show!

#1: I grew up with golden retrievers. First, a big, happy boy named Jason, and then a sweet, smart gal named JJ. JJ was short for Jason Junior, but we don’t think she minded. We gave her cheeseburgers for her birthday, so it was cool.

#2: I can beatbox. Not well, but I can. I did it for an acappella group I was part of in college, and I still do it by myself sometimes when I’m bored.

#3: I have a sis who lives in NYC, and she is the coolest person I know. Sorry, everybody else, but it’s true.

#4: The first time I went to see a movie with my mom and my sister, I walked out. Apparently, 3-year-old me declared, “It dark. I no go in there.” And I didn’t. My dad had to come get me. Look how far I’ve come.

#5: I have five years of Spanish, two years of German, and one year of French under my belt. Not sure how much I’ve retained, but it’s cool to at least feel multilingual.

#6: I wrote a novella about zombies last year. It’s not perfect, but I’m actually pretty proud of it.

#7: I’m a painfully slow reader. I retain things really well, but it takes me forever to finish a book. I’m roughly a quarter into Dan Brown’s Inferno. It might take me another month. In my defense, it’s not a great book so far.

#8: I once had an internship in an allegedly haunted library. Sadly, I never saw the ghost.

#9: I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore. I’m still working out my feelings about that.

#10: I get sucked into Law & Order: SVU marathons like nobody’s business. I lose hours on that show.

And now it’s time for the nominees! Some of these folks have a pretty substantial following, but I tried to pick several wonderful newbies as well. So in alphabetical order…

#1: A Blumes With a View

#2: Canadian Cinephile

#3: Cinema Axis

#4: The Cinema Monster

#5: Confessions of a Nerf Herder

#6: Drakulus

#7: JJames Reviews

#8: Movie Generation

#9: MovieRob

#10: A Seat On a Train

Nominees, whether you partake or not, please know that I think you’re doing awesome things. Keep up the fantastic work! And thank you again, Alex, for the nomination! This has been fun 🙂

35 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award!

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    • Haha oh no there’s no voting! When someone nominates you, you’ve already won. It’s more of a “share the love” type of thing. It’s kind of just a way to share something about yourself and highlight blogs you like. 🙂

  2. I love reading what people write about themselves for these. Beatboxing, eh? Excellent! Would love to hear that. 🙂 And a zombie novella? Cool! Oh I loooove a good zombie story!

    • Haha. Maybe someday I’ll see if I can dig up an old video where I’m beatboxing for my acappella group. As for the zombie novella, it definitely needs work, but I hope to spruce it up and try to get it published at some point. I’m always looking for helpful critiques if you (or anyone else) ever wanted to read it! 🙂

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