“Carrie” one of the most overrated films of all-time!

Gary Lee over at With a Friend Like Gary has offered up his recent critique of the original Carrie for NOOOOvember 2013! I’m actually a fan of the film, but Gary makes some very valid points. Check it out! And thank you, Gary, for pitching in! 🙂

8 thoughts on ““Carrie” one of the most overrated films of all-time!

    • I’ve not read the book, but I’ve been curious about it. Though I’d say if you didn’t like the book, go ahead and give the original and the remake films a wide berth. Haha.

  1. Thanks for posting this in your Noooovember series. I am actually surprised that no die-hard “Carrie” fans have debated me on my site, thus far.

  2. Oh dear. Umm… Nice review. But I still love Carrie. 😉

    And as for why the other girls are SO mean to Carrie? Well, that’s because teenage girls can be the cruelest and most evil bitches in existence! Lol! Seriously – I’ve seen girls act like this toward “unpopular” girls for NO reason whatsoever other than that those girls are maybe a little awkward & “uncool”. I found the bitches in Carrie VERY believable. (And no, I wasn’t one of either kind. I was a loner. But certainly closer to being a “Carrie”. Just wish I’d had her powers in high school. Bwahaha!) 😉

  3. One of my favourite novels of all time, and I think one of the most powerful horror films ever made… for its time, and now. So, obviously I disagree, ha. Always enjoy reading another opinion though.
    The NOOOOvember series is a great idea!

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