Premiere Particulars: The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People

I’m a bit late sharing my opinion of this show, but I did catch the premiere episode of The Tomorrow People on the CW. How was this first tale of misfit mutants? Here are the particulars.

What I liked:

  • The action. The premiere doesn’t waste any time getting right to the knock-down, drag-out fight scenes. They seem well-choreographed, and they were fun to watch.
  • The three T’s: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. These are what the Tomorrow People can do, and they’re all pretty darn cool abilities.
  • Mark Pellegrino. He’s been the mysterious Jacob on Lost, the devil himself on Supernatural, and now, he takes up the mantle of bad guy once more here. Poor fella is very typecast, but I’ll enjoy seeing him as the villain.
  • The surprise ending. There are a couple of twists that I didn’t see coming—both of which happen in the last ten minutes or so. Since the episode ended in a way I didn’t expect, I think it opens up the series to a lot of interesting possibilities.
  • The sheer geekiness. There are so many efforts to appeal to nerds in this premiere that it’s kind of ridiculous, but in a good way. The episode as a whole felt like a superhero origin story with a million influences—heavy touches of X-Men, effects similar to Jumper, a little bit of The Matrix, and even a “chosen one” vibe that brings to mind the likes of Harry Potter. Oh yeah, plus a computer that suggests Iron Man’s Jarvis. Seriously, geek paradise.

What I didn’t like:

  • Can I just say that it bugs the crap out of me whenever actors playing high school students do not even remotely look like high school students? Look at 25-year-old Robbie Amell. Does he look like a teenager to you? Is there some reason protagonist Stephen couldn’t just be an adult instead?
  • Stephen is bullied. THIS KID is bullied. I’m sorry, I don’t buy it. It’s like when Clark Kent was bullied on Smallville. You see the size of him? See that nice face? And nice attitude? People would not bully that. Same story here. Stephen is tall, pretty, and a nice person. No way he’d have a bully.
  • Though the Jarvis-esque computer is cool, it’s kind of random. The Tomorrow People are living underground like rats, but somehow they have the smartest computer ever. Um…how?
  • Though I enjoy Mark Pellegrino’s presence, I don’t really get why or how he became such a bad guy. There’s a little bit of backstory, but not enough to justify why he does what he does. The guy was an evolutionary biologist…now he’s head of a super secret agency that kills mutants? How’d that happen?
  • It’s predictable. There were some nice twists at the end, but there were several times where I thought, “This person is about to do this or say that.” Sure enough, they did. I’m hoping future episodes surprise me more.

The Potential: I wasn’t sure what I’d think about this one, but I actually liked the premiere episode. It’s predictable, sure, and it borrows from a ton of other sources, but I had fun watching it. The effects are cool, the action sequences smooth, and the story compelling enough for me to wonder what will come next. I’m kinda rooting for this one.

My Grade: B+


4 thoughts on “Premiere Particulars: The Tomorrow People

  1. You had me sold on X men :]. I agree with you on the bully thing too. That dude is huge and I think a bully would think twice before trying him. Same with Clark Kent from that horrible Smallville show.

    • Right?? I don’t know why The CW feels the need to have the superhero bullied all the time. It’s unnecessary and not very realistic. Not that having superpowers is realistic…but you get the gist. Lol.

      • Lol, I agree with you there. Hopefully they stop while they’re ahead and just focus on character building and the story.

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