It’s Coming…


October is just around the corner, and with it comes my latest endeavor, Spook Series 2013!

I’ve been working hard on this the last few weeks–if you call watching a ton of scary movies “work,” I guess. I’m pretty excited because I’ve been compiling lists of all kinds of different horror films, and I think I’ve pulled together a lot of fun stuff. So without further ado, here are the categories you can expect from my Spook Series reviews:

1. The Creepy Classics

2. Family-friendly Frights

3. Ghosts and Ghouls

4. Side Splitters

5. Malevolent Mockumentaries

6. Creature Features

7. Fearsome Foreign Films

8. Eerie Extras

I’ll be kicking off Spook Series on Tuesday (Oct. 1st) with The Creepy Classics, so be sure to check back and see my recommendations! Prepare to be spooked 😉

P.S. Credit for the graphic goes to the lovely and wonderful Heather Gray. Thanks, lady!

5 thoughts on “It’s Coming…

    • You know, I’ve never seen It. I was going to watch it, then I realized it was a three-hour mini series, so I was like…maybe later. Haha. I do want to watch it, though, and I actually have considered doing a thing on mini series in the future, so I’m sure something about It will pop up on here eventually. Fun fact: I just looked up It on IMDB, and apparently a revamp is in the works…

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