The 12th Doctor: Peter Capaldi

The 12th Doctor: Peter Capaldi

It’s official! The BBC has revealed one of the last-minute rumors to be true: Peter Capaldi will be taking the keys to the TARDIS. The 55-year-old Scottish actor has actually made an appearance in Doctor Who before, playing Caecilius (the patriarch of a family in Pompeii) in “The Fires of Pompeii,” the second episode of season four.

So, Whovians, how do we feel? Admittedly, I’m a smidge disappointed to see an older actor in the role, but I do trust Steven Moffat. He knows how to make us love ’em. Plus, I’ve heard a lot of good buzz about Capaldi. We’ll just have to wait and see what adventures this new regeneration brings!

6 thoughts on “The 12th Doctor: Peter Capaldi

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  2. Oh my, and to think I uttered the words “the closest format to Doctor Who you’ll have seen Capaldi appearing in is Torchwood,” more thorough research in the future me thinks.

  3. I guess this is how you feel : )

    We can only wait and see!! I have high hopes for goodness based on only Moffat’s writing ability…

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