Blogiversary Bash: A Double (Oh Seven) Celebration of Bond–James Bond

Party pup partied like a rock star. Now it's time to nap.

Party pup partied like a rock star. Now it’s time to nap.

This is it! The LAST Blogiversary Bash post! Well, for this year, anyway. Because I have enjoyed it so much, I’m sure this is a series I will be reviving come my two-year blogiversary. :) Anyway, I’ve talked about some of the best of the best in my DVD/Blu-ray library–The Princess Bride, The Avengers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Up, and On the Waterfront. So what the heck is left?! Continue reading

The Queen’s Guard Plays the GoT Theme

Hi, guys! Bad news–still no last Blogiversary Bash write-up. I promise, I’m not trying to drag this out. Lol. Fingers crossed, it’ll be all ready tomorrow. In the meantime, I found an epic, epic video for my Game of Thrones fans. I’ve already played a version of the GoT theme completely dedicated to Peter Dinklage, but have you guys heard this version of the Queen’s Guard playing the theme? Seriously, I get chills.

After Ever After

Heyyyyy, guys. So, remember that final Blogiversary Bash post I promised you yesterday? Um. It’s not ready. Heh. Sorry about that. It may or may not be ready on Sunday either…we’ll see. I kind of got caught up in a True Detective marathon, which I really feel like any reasonably sane person can’t blame me for. Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I was roaming YouTube for random silliness I could put up and lo and behold–I rediscovered “After Ever After.” Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash: Hard Ticket to Home Video

I simply HAD to do this for Brian. Party Shakma grins and bears it. Afterward, many doors were destroyed.

I simply HAD to do this for Brian. Party Shakma grins and bears it. Afterward, many doors were destroyed.

TGIF, mis amigos! Can you believe this is the last guest post for Blogiversary Bash?! Man, time does fly. I’m still posting one last thing from yours truly to wrap it all up tomorrow, but I’m thrilled that Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video is here to wind up the guest posts. Odds are you already follow HTTHV, but my God if you don’t then change that today. Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash: Tranquil Dreams

party pup 6

The cuteness of this party pup breaks my heart.

More Blogiversary Bash greatness comin’ atcha! Today we have yet another excellent guest: the lovely Miss Kim of Tranquil Dreams. I am quite certain you already follow her, but in case you don’t, change that ASAP! Kim does all kinds of great posts about movies and books and food and travel and fitness–really there’s something for everyone, so be sure to look around her site. Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash: Why On the Waterfront Is a Contender

Blogiversary is ending soon? Time to party like wizards.

Blogiversary is ending soon?! Time to party like angsty wizards.

Well, folks, this epic Blogiversary Bash will be drawing to a close this week, but rest assured–there are a few more awesome things still to come! Just you wait. ;) But for today, I have a sad, sad confession to make: I am not very well-versed in black-and-white classics. I’ve seen some, sure, but there are still so very many that I need to see. Luckily, the film I’m discussing today was one I checked off my list a few years back–all thanks to a film class, actually. Continue reading